Can you believe it? After what seemed like a never-ending New York winter, about it the summer solstice is officially in effect. Yet with all of the joys that the season brings — new clothes, hair longer days, weekends in the Hamptons, barbecues with friends, to name a few — unfortunately come several stresses (environmental or otherwise) that threaten tresses; namely, sunlight, chlorine and salt water. In order to properly care for your hair during the summer months, there are certain tips and tricks that I swear by. Here are a few of my summer hair survival secrets:

summer 2011 hair slick ponytail straight giambattista valli fashion paris beauty1. If you’re going to invest in one hair care product during the summer, it should be a hair mask. Masks can be applied as frequently as you see fit (though, as a general rule, once a week should be sufficient). I recommend Kérastase’s Masque UV Défense Active from the brand’s Soleil product line. This mask, which should be applied at least once a week, replenishes and strengthens sun-exposed hair, leaving it softer and more radiant. Apply it to clean, towel-dried hair and leave it in for five minutes before rinsing it out.summer 2011 hair scarf headscarf missoni fashion milan beauty

2. Summer is oftentimes synonymous with humidity, which consequently brings the word “frizz” to mind. In order to combat the climate, I advise growing your layers out long — especially if you have thick, curly hair. This is because choppy, short and/or heavily layered styles are far more susceptible to frizzing up in the midst of muggy weather.

summer 2011 hair wavy curly textured michael kors fashion new york beauty3. While longer layers are an ally in the fight against frizz, it is also best to go with the elements (as opposed to against them) and embrace your hair’s natural texture, instead of putting it through the stress of constant blowdrying and straightening. Scrunch it up if you’re at the beach (as the salty atmosphere is conducive to creating languid waves), or put it up it in a casual ponytail or messy topknot and you’re good to go — no tools necessary!

4. If you’re planning a beach day, slick wet hair back with conditioner — leave-in or otherwise — before heading out. The conditioner will protect your hair from the especially intense heat, sun and wind that beat down on you after several hours spent in the sand.summer 2011 hair hat panama fedora dsquared2 dsquared fashion milan beauty

5. When all else fails, cover it up! Braids, scarves, swim caps and hats are all excellent options. A summer hat will shield you from the sun’s damaging rays and the harsh chlorine found in swimming pools, while also being on-trend (you’ll really know it’s summer when the ubiquitous fedora, the perennial favorite among the celeb set, will be making its triumphant return). Panama hats, straw hats and the aforementioned fedora are all viable options.

By Jamie Mazzei

Island Hopping

viral fashion restaurants lifestyle dining new york greek taverna kyclades

You don’t have to be Greek to know a great Greek restaurant when you visit one. It’s never the innumerable Greek flags and memorabilia from Santorini and Athens; a Greek establishment must master the art of cooking bold, clinic
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and flavorful meat and vegetable dishes like every Greek’s yiayia (grandmother) would prepare. Though Taverna Kyclades has the décor, arthritis
it’s the al fresco dining and taste unique to home that attracts crowds willing to wait for a table. Named for the group of islands in the Aegean, Kyclades focuses mainly on seafood, but provides a variety of other meat dishes as well. Located at 3307 Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria Queens, the establishment is easy to access by train or by car, and is a perfect option for dinner outside of the city’s crowds and traffic.

Kyclades offers patrons a small, inviting indoor area covered with photos of the Greek isles a preserved swordfish hung proudly on its brick walls. Wood tables and chairs provide an intimate and informal setting, and large windows give light and a view to the street.

viral fashion 2011 restaurants lifestyle dining new york greek taverna kyclades

To dine in true Hellenic style, opt for outdoor seating for the full experience. Kyclades offers its patrons two outdoor areas to be seated within. One lines the sidewalk with tables and chairs seating smaller and larger parties, and the other is straight out of a Greek family photo album: a white wooden patio covered in grape vines. The fresh air and relaxed feel are a great vacation from the city. The menu at Kyclades focuses on traditional Greek dishes. The tzatziki (yogurt sauce mixed with dill and spices) and hourta (bitter greens flavored with olive oil and lemon) are staples in any Greek kitchen. For all those wary of their diet, these are healthy sides to try with any of the seafood entrees.

viral fashion 2011 restaurants lifestyle dining new york greek taverna kyclades

Try pairing the hourta with an appetizer of grilled octopus, or saganaki (a pan-fried Greek cheese) with one of the horiatiki salads. Larger dishes include lamb, sausage, souvlaki, grilled salmon, bass, tuna, swordfish, and calamari. Looking to share a little bit of everything? Kyclades’ menu from the sea tops off with the “Kyclades Special,” including swordfish, shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, broiled scallops, and lobster tail. It wouldn’t be a Greek meal if you walked away still feeling hungry, so expect large portions of these expertly prepared Aegean dishes.

viral fashion 2011 restaurants lifestyle dining new york greek taverna kyclades

Taverna Kyclades offers patrons comfort and ease outdoors for a more casual summer night. Kyclades is not new to the neighborhood in Astoria, but is a must-try, Zagat rated hot spot for patrons who are. Not many Greeks recommend dining outside of their homes, but having experienced both, the Taverna Kyclades is the next-best thing.

by Rachel Margaritis

Italian Renaissance

fashion 2011 restaurants rubirosa new york city lifestyle

Though it might be a bit of an overstatement to say that New York City would be nothing were it not for the ever?rotating “it” neighborhoods, resuscitator
that’s not entirely untrue. It goes without saying that hotspots are a big part of what makes Manhattan so exciting, if for no other reason than the excitement of never knowing where the next one will be. These days the buzz seems to be surrounding Mulberry Street – yes, THAT Mulberry Street.

Okay, so technically the area of interest is directly north of that reliable tourist spot Little Italy, but let’s not get technical. All you need to know is that right now Mulberry Street is where its at. Since last spring no less than five new restaurants have sprung up between Houston and Grand streets, with more no doubt on the way. One of these “it” dining destinations is Rubirosa, a home?style Italian eatery nestled on the block between Prince and spring. Opened in November 2010 by Angelo “A.J.” Pappalardo, who started out working in his family’s pizzeria (the famous Joe and Pat’s of Staten Island), Rubirosa has quickly gained popularity among those in the know.

Viral Fashion Rubirosa Interview 2011 New York NY New York City NYC

It’s pretty easy to see why from the moment you step through the front door. The place is cozy, inviting, a fun mix of tavern and grandma’s kitchen, although the food most definitely skews towards the latter. Part of what’s made Rubirosa such a hit amongst the diverse mix of locals who love the place is the familiarity of the food. Their changing specials notwithstanding the menu is made up of the kind of homestyle Italian food that everyone, Italian and non?Italian alike, enjoys. Freshly made bruschettas, antipasti, pastas and meat dishes are bound to please, though it must be said that their most popular dish, or dishes as it were, are their super thin crust pizzas…not that that should come as a surprise considering the family’s roots.

Made following the same 50 year old recipe developed in part by A.J.’s father Joe Rubirosa’s pizzas are a must try. If you’re torn between something classic and one of the more unusual options on the menu, go for the Vodka pizza. Take it from me, it’s worth the trip downtown.

Viral Fashion Rubirosa Interview 2011 New York NY New York City NYC

But the food is only half the story. The other half is, of course, the vibe. Despite it’s hotspot status Rubirosa isn’t likely to intimidate those who might not be part of the uber?hip downtown scene. Overall the crowd is eclectic, or as General Manager Bari Musacchio put it “anyone can be sitting next to anyone”. That comfortable, laid?back sensibility is a perfect compliment to the food, and is no doubt what keeps people coming back for more.

Rubirosa NYC 235 Mulberry St. Located between Prince and Spring

by Justin Friedman

Mix and Match

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The phrase usually refers to clothing. Pairing similar, viagra dosage
yet different, visit this site
pieces in an outfit to create something fashionably pleasing to the eye. Hardly used to refer to food, we recommend bringing that key phrase with you to dine at Salinas Restaurant in Chelsea, New York. Having opened on June 9, 2011, Salinas is the place to go if you’re looking for a new and distinct dining experience in New York. Accessibly located on 9th Avenue, between 18th and 19th Street, you don’t have to travel far for a taste of Spain and the Balearic Islands. Chef Luis Bollo concocts flavorful, creative appetizers, entrees, and most notably, tapas, inspired by the cooking styles he learned in his native San Sebastián. Bollo blends seafood and poultry dishes from the Spanish coast in true Mediterranean style, complete with rich oils, herbs, sauces, and spices.

viral fashion 2011 salinas new york city restaurants dining chelsea lifestyle

To best enjoy Salinas, try mixing selections that will undoubtedly match. Winos will be happy with the extensive list, and the martini selection is especially unique. For a prequel to any meal, some notable sides include mouth-watering selections like the grilled asparagus, or the patatas bravas, diced potatoes served with a spicy brava sauce. Mix these with an order from the menu of tapas, like the bruschetta-esque pa amb oli or honey-covered coca flat bread crujiente mahones. If the idea of an entrée is appealing, we recommend the rosejat rápida, a pasta dish combining chicken, cockles, pasta, and a saffron alioli. Though the names seem intriguing, Salinas has carefully selected and trained their expert wait staff, who are more than happy to assist and answer any questions. Look to the staff for recommendations; Bollo’s passion for cooking goes as far as new, limited time specials that may not appear on the menu. Don’t be surprised to see him making rounds through the dining rooms to ensure his patrons’ satisfaction with those ingenious culinary creations.

viral fashion 2011 salinas new york city restaurant dining chelsea lifestyle

Designed by Mary Catherine and Donald Mikula, co-owners of the establishment, the bar and dining rooms are styled for comfort, class, and ease. The indoor dining room of Brazilian walnut floors, bookshelves, candles, and blue velvet cushioned chairs is reminiscent of the revivalist architecture of the 1920s. The dining room opens up to a lush garden within which patrons may be seated. In fair weather, its retractable glass roof is opened to the New York night for an alfresco experience, complete with hanging plants and candlelight.

viral fashion 2011 restaurants summer lifestyle new york dining chelsea

With gracious staff, a convenient location, a dedicated chef, and savory menu, Salinas has all the ingredients for a memorable night on the town. Mixing dishes from Andalusia, Catalonia, and Valencia with an aesthetic value unmatched, Salinas will match your great expectations.

by Rachel Margaritis

Mulberry Street Revisited

viral fashion restaurants lifestyle new york city balaboosta mulberry street

New York City’s Mulberry Street has been synonymous with Little Italy for so long a time that it’s difficult to imagine heading there for cuisine in any other style but Italian. However, read more
other types of dining have risen up in the, thumb ’til now, order typecast NoLita. Balaboosta and Tartinery are two of the newer restaurants to catch the attention of diners on Mulberry Street, and they are anything but Italian.

viral fashion restaurants lifestyle new york city balaboosta mulberry street

Balaboosta, Turkish for “good wife,” is Israeli chef Einat Admony’s latest project. Following her time as a chef at Taim, Admony branched out to create a place for Mediterranean-style dining with a Middle Eastern influence. A taste previously absent from Mulberry Street, Balaboosta offers fresh and flavorful meals from the opposite side of the Mediterranean. The restaurant also provides the aura and comforting feel of a Mediterranean dining room. The exposed brick walls washed white are adorned with bookshelves housing everything from bottles of wine to cookbooks, potted plants, and family photos. On one side of the room is a wide window opening into the kitchen, where diners can catch a glimpse of the chef and her team at work as one could look in from a kitchen at home. On the wall facing the entrance, a black and white portrait of the chef’s aunt, Hannah, is illuminated in a place of honor. Admony’s aunt first sparked her curiosity as a child regarding the ways of the kitchen. Though their family was large, it was her close relationship with her Aunt Hannah that provided Admony with her cooking abilities and excellent taste. Balaboosta is Admony’s effort to utilize those skills learned within her family to extend the opportunity to New York City to try a different type of cuisine on Mulberry Street.

viral fashion restaurants lifestyle new york city balaboosta mulberry street

With staple small plates and appetizers like hummus and bruschetta, Admony’s menu contains some familiar names to new eyes. But the chef’s ingenuity brings a twist. The hummus is a house favorite, and is served in a pestle with a mortar, with which the servers demonstrate to patrons how they can grind up the remaining chickpeas. It is served with fresh pita: seasoned, salted, and hot from the oven. The bruschetta, with herb and citrus salad atop toasted bread and a smoked eggplant spread between, is also a new take on a recognizable choice. The entrée choices are just as unique, with everything from leek fettucini dishes to bass served with feta cheese and tomatoes. A house recommendation is the boneless chicken, which is baked in the traditional Mediterranean style, under a brick. Served with couscous that contains bits of dried apricots, the entrée combines meat and grains with a touch of citrus for a fulfilling meal that satisfies the palate. Also offered are grilled lamb chops served with a Persian style lime sauce, again mixing fruit with meat. Desserts are new to the strip, including a citrus flavored flan-like custard topped with a slice of tangerine. The wine menu is extensive, also containing a peach Rosé Sangria that most of the restaurant was enjoying at the time of our visit.

viral fashion restaurants lifestyle new york city balaboosta mulberry street

Just as Balaboosta’s inviting, homey atmosphere and differing, delectable tastes appeal to many a visitor, the Tartinery offers a French dining experience in NoLita. The bistro is quite small on the upper level, but inviting nonetheless. Barely a year old, the brainchild of three Parisians from the École hôtelière de Lausanne is a sight for the city with its wooden tables and exposed, grated brick walls. Adding to the natural vibe is a tree growing up from the lower level out to the main. Amongst all of the earthy aura, the menu is written along the walls above the bar (they’re made of chalkboard), and each table in the lower level is numbered so customers can remember their seat of choice for second visits.

viral fashion restaurants lifestyle new york city tartinery mulberry street

Specializing in the tartine, a French open-faced sandwich served on toasted sourdough bread, Tartinery offers a multitude of ways to experience their star of the menu. Their tartines can be ordered with salmon, tuna, mashed potatoes, steak, prosciutto, or for vegetarians, grilled peppers and onions. The tartine is no ordinary sandwich. With the tastes of strong, French cheeses mixed with varying meats and vegetables, it decimates the American understanding of “sandwich.” Apart from the tartine menu, the Tartinery also offers appetizers, brunch, soups, and desserts. Appetizer choices include servings of duck, hams, cheeses, prosciutto, and raviolis in true French taste, some served with Poilane toasts or pickles, others with fresh garlic and tomato. The butternut squash soup seemed to be a favorite during our visit. As far as desserts, fruit lovers should test the tarte tatin; a cinnamon spiced, baked apple tart that is perfectly portioned for sharing.

viral fashion 2011 restaurants lifestyle new york city tartinery mulberry street

Tartinery and Balaboosta’s common links stretch beyond the fact that they are not Italian eateries, to their love of a serene, home-style dining experience- that is, a European home. Their dedication to excellence in their cuisine as well as to their patrons’ ease and enjoyment gives them their great reputations. Both locations sit a few storefronts up from the intersection of Spring St. and Mulberry, and are easily accessed by subway. For those who thought Mulberry Street was strictly for those craving Italian, be enlightened: there is much more to be discovered in NoLita.

viral fashion 2011 restaurants lifestyle new york city tartinery mulberry street

by Rachel Margaritis