To some it is an age-old rule that with the change of the seasons you must change your personal fragrance…if, unhealthy of course, dentist you wear perfume everyday. I subscribe to this rule, viagra not so much because it’s what’s expected or accepted, but because as winter blooms into spring and spring warms up into summer I find myself craving new fragrances the same way I find myself craving new things to wear. For someone like me, however, the change from so-called cold-weather scents into warm-weather scents can be a bit more challenging than switching out cashmere for cotton. So if you’re looking to change things up now that the days are long, the nights are warm and you’re already working on your tan, these fragrances will make for a perfect summertime scent for men and women.

viral fashion 2011 beauty fragrance perfume cologne thierry mugler summerThierry Mugler Cologne – This is the ultimate “clean” scent, and when I say clean, I mean clean. Mugler Cologne is like soap amped up to positively nuclear levels of cleanliness. The beauty of this neon green juice is twofold; it’s literally impossible to over-apply and it is utterly refreshing in the oppressive humidity of summer when the only thing  you want is to feel shower fresh. Plus, this stuff lasts for hours on end! Added bonus? It’s entirely genderless.

viral fashion 2011 beauty fragrance perfume cologne summer bond no 9 fire islandBond No. 9 Fire Island – Spray a bottle of Fire Island and chances are that the smell will be familiar. If you’ve ever encountered tanning or bronzing oil then you know exactly what to expect from the first whiff of this 2006 release from the folks at Bond No. 9. But Fire Island does more that just replicate the smell of expensive European bronzing gel, and it does that pretty damn convincingly. But as it dries it begins to smell more and more like sun-warmed skin that was slathered in bronzing gel, rather than the gel itself. That may sound like a silly concept for a perfume, but the smell of a day spent at the beach is actually more appealing than you might think. This beauty is another genderless pick.

viral fashion 2011 beauty fragrance perfume cologne summer estee lauder bronze goddessEsteé Lauder Bronze Goddess – This is what you get if you take Fire Island’s beachy vibe, mix in some sweet tropical flowers, a bit of coconut and top it off with a paper umbrella. Esteé Lauder’s annual summertime limited edition scent is turquoise seas, white beaches and bronzed skin…hence the name. But don’t be fooled, this Eau Fraîche doesn’t just work for the goddesses out there. Name and packaging aside, this warm, sweet concoction works pretty well for the guys too — if something warm, sweet and sensual appeals to them, of course. It may not project very strongly, but like a good tan it will last long after the sun has set. A word of warning: this stuff can become difficult to find, given its limited edition status and cult-like following, so buying it sooner rather than later is recommended.

viral fashion 2011 fragrance beauty perfume cologne tom ford neroli portofino summerTom Ford Neroli Portofino – One of the original fragrances in Ford’s exclusive Private Blend collection, this Eau de Parfum is like sunshine in a bottle with its vibrant mix of citrus oils, orange blossom and amber. The first impression is crisp and refreshing, with an underlying warmth thanks to its subtle amber base. A few sprays of Neroli Portofino will no doubt put you in a fabulous mood, but beware, it’s addictive stuff and at Ford’s prices it’s not the kind of thing you want to spray with abandon, no matter how beautiful it smells. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the recently revamped Neroli Portofino packaging, tweaked to match the newly released bath-and-body line.

viral fashion 2011 fragrance perfume beauty summer cologne hermes eau pamplemousse roseHermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose – If you don’t know the English translation of the Pamplemousse Rose part of this Eau de Cologne’s name, all it takes is one spray for you to be able to figure it out. Pull the trigger on this bright green bottle and you’ll be amazed at the über-realistic scent of pink grapefruit you’re confronted with. While that juicy grapefruit stage can’t last – no good citrus note ever does – what it leaves behind is just as easy to like: a mellow mix of citrus-tinged greens that lasts a surprisingly long time for such a light fragrance. The house markets this as a shared scent, meaning they don’t classify it as masculine or feminine. You can definitely take their word for it.

by Justin Friedman


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