Fine jewelry for men is something of a tricky subject. It’s not a category that gets a lot of love or attention, unhealthy and some of the more skilled artisans who’ve dedicated their time to creating pieces specifically with men in mind usually go under-appreciated for their work. Besides, the words “men” and “jewelry” usually paint a less-than-stylish picture when used together because somewhere along the line someone decided that huge diamond-encrusted door-knockers, bike chains and knuckle dusters were a good idea. Now, while taste is subjective and style should always be left to the individual to create, we at Viral Fashion do not advocate the use of “bling.” It’s a dangerous habit that can easily get out of hand, and besides, it’s kind of a cliché. As such, we’ve put together a list of jewelry designers who have something refreshing to say about what men should be wearing to adorn themselves. You may not know their names, but you should.
The Look: Urbane, understated and sleek.
Why We Love: Zadeh’s signature buffalo horn bracelets, metal finishings that range from classic white gold to of-the-moment rose gold are a perfectly luxe addition to any mix of stacked bracelets. They don’t scream “look at me, look at me”, but people will inevitably notice them.
The Look: Downtown Meets Dalai Lama
Why We Love: Morais’ is all about the clash, combining such exotic (or downright unusual) elements with the familiar. Think black diamond encrusted skulls with flat ostrich egg beads, ebony or sandalwood with blackened gold, nylon with white gold. His use of gemstones is subtle enough to wear without an entourage.
The Look: Luxe World Traveller
Why We Love: Never has the “high/low” mix been done to such an extreme. Mixing such humble materials as linen string, cotton twill ribbon and braided cord with lengths of tiny diamonds, green gold plates and Tahitian pearls, these pieces may look like find from the most far-flung flea markets at first glance, but that’s kind of the point.
The Look: Edgy Traditionalism
Why We Love: For starters, the mind-blowing array of cufflinks, from the classic (lapis lazuli disks set in yellow gold) to the contemporary (sterling silver with a grid of smokey quartz) to the all out quirky (fossilized sharks teeth held in a diamond setting). Also available for the guy who likes his jewelry with a bit of edge are black diamond crosses and braided leather multi-wrap bracelets in a rainbow of colors.
by ViralFashion’s Men’s Editorial Staff