What is it about autumn that is so poetically melancholic? There’s just something about the changing leaves, symptoms the increasing chill in the air, symptoms the light in the early evening that is both beautiful and foreboding, implant a hint of what will come once winter sets in. What those things also signal is the time to switch up one’s perfume. Of course, this isn’t mandatory the way that pulling out your sweaters and boots is, but why not change your fragrance to suit your surroundings?

Scent-wise a great fall fragrance should capture the spirit of the season, and notes of exotic spices, smooth leather, rich dark fruits and the smoldering transparency of incense or resins all complement the eternal twilight of autumn.

viral fashion 2011 beauty fragrance perfume womens cosmetics donna karan black cashmereDonna Karan Black Cashmere –  A whirlwind of exotic spices, smokey incense and creamy woods, Karan’s paean to that most luxurious of fabrics is as decadent as it is dark. Perfectly capturing the feel of black cashmere with it’s heady notes of saffron, rose, clove, amber and wenge wood, this Eau de Parfum is perfect for those autumn days when there’s a noticeable chill in the air. Despite it’s mellow, almost meditative character, however, Black Cashmere posesses enough strength to stay with you all day long.


viral fashion 2011 beauty fragrance perfume womens guerlain shalimar parfum initial fall autumn 2011Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial –  A newly-launched flanker to the historic and iconic Shalimar, Parfum Initial is a youthful yet elegant re-working of a classic. Downplaying some of the original’s signature vanilla and powder, Parfum Initial brings velvety iris and sweet citruses into the spotlight before drying to a rich fruit-tinged patchouli drydown. The scent itself feels plush, womanly and just sweet enough to be inviting while the overall effect is of something both contemporary and beauitifully old-world.


viral fashion 2011 fall autumn beauty fragrance perfume womens serge lutens feminite du boisSerge Lutens Féminité du Bois –  A cult classic as well as a benchmark in modern Oriental-style perfumes, this intoxicating potion has earned each of it’s near-20 years on the market. Though it’s name proudly proclaims it’s femininity, this Eau de Parfum is actually somewhat ambiguous. Far from being straightforwardly pretty or even particularly femme, it mixes potent spices, syrupy fruits, creamy vanilla and dry cedar for a scent that is as bewitching as it is beautiful. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself under it’s spell.


viral fashion 2011 beauty fragrance perfume womens fall 2011 autumn andy tauer une rose chypreeTauer Perfumes Une Rose Chypree –  If an early autumn sunset could be bottled, then this 2009 creation by Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer for his eponymous niche line would be that scent. This Eau de Parfum, rendered in watercolor-like shades of firey orange and brilliant scarlet, unfolds in wonderfully textured layers. Opening with a bracing mix of citrus and spice before blooming into it’s vibrant rose heart and finally reaching its warm, honeyed drydown, Une Rose Chypree is almost too easy to love.


viral fashion 2011 tom ford perfume fragrance violet blonde fall 2011 autumn beautyTom Ford Violet Blonde –  Beautiful may not be the most original adjective out there, but upon first sniff of Tom Ford’s new Eau de Parfum Violet Blonde, it’s the first word that comes to mind. A potent mix of violets, jasmine sambac and benzoin co-mingle with the earthy depth of orris, vetiver and suede for a scent that is both radiant and just a little bit moody. Violet Blonde may not wear her dark side on her sleeve where you can see it, but just remember, you can’t have light without a shadow or two.

by Justin Friedman