One Night Only

Ask anyone with an interest in nightlife where they’d go given the chance to relive the past, treatment and the answer will almost certainly be Studio 54. The name is iconic, the guest list legendary and the atmosphere infamous. Without a doubt Studio 54 is still, to this day, the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of glamorous nighs out, and with good reason. Even though its reign as the only club that mattered was relatively short, it’s impact was huge, and can still be felt today. Unfortunately, to experience the holy grail of nightclubs, you’d have to travel back in time…or be one of the one hundred party-goers lucky enough to attend the re-opening of Studio on Tuesday, October 18th in New York City. By virtue of probability, it’s unlikely many of you attended, so let me provide you with the a vivid recapitulation of my experience…

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Studio 54, the aforementioned epitome of glamour, decadence and all around fabulous nightlife, re-opened its doors at its original location on 54th Street between Broadway and 8th avenue for a one night only event. Hosted by SiriusXM’s Studio 54 Radio, the heady atmosphere of days gone by was magically – albeit temporarily – recreated. From the dance floor layout, to the shirtless servers, to descending acrobats, Studio 54 came back to life.

Even the original staff from its heyday, including DJ Nicky Siano and doorman, Marc Benecke, reunited for the sake of disco. The only thing missing were many of the famous faces that were mainstays back in the day, though the site of people like Kevin Bacon, Naomi Campbell, Clive Davis, Cameron Diaz, Gayle King, Susan Lucci, Ryan Phillippe, Bar Refaeli, Keith Richards, Joan Rivers, and Donald Trump certainly helped make the experience feel authentic.

viral fashion 2011 nightlife new york city nightcrawler studio 54 reopening october

Just thirty-six hours prior to the reopening of Studio 54, Swedish breakthrough DJ/Producer Avicii posted on Facebook that not only would he be performing a set, but that only 100 people from the street in addition to the outrageous guest list would be allowed in. On top of that, the doormen would be handpicking those people based on their appearance…just like the old days. As your nightcrawling nightlife connoisseur, this was a challenge I was destined to take on. Avicii was my initial motivation for going. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace the thrill of “It’s Raining Men” just like any other weather girl (with my door closed), but Avicii’s set was my “Hallelujah! (amen…)”.

viral fashion 2011 nightlife lifestyle nightclub studio 54 new york city october

After four hours of waiting behind a barricade, amongst other anxious non-guestlist partiers, my two friends and I were prestigiously selected (again, the only way to get in). Upon entry, we pass through a vestibule covered in mats and white snow (not that kind), made up of some kind of feather-esque confetti. Shirtless servers, “club kid” veterans, and various celebrities were all flaunting their ’70s swagger. I noticed one man wearing a multicolored sequined blazer grooving solo on the dance floor. Normally, I would veer away from such a character at a typical NYC nightclub, but instead…I threw this guy a wink and smile. Although I couldn’t exactly catch the whiff of the nostalgic air filling the room, I certainly felt the elation of pure disco energy.

‘Til next time…

by Laura B., Viral Fashion’s Nightcrawler