Singer, look songwriter and burgeoning style icon Nomi Ruiz may not be someone that you know, read but you should. Hers is the name on everybody’s lips these days, from the uber-cool and in-the-know amongst the music scene to the highest echelons of fashion thanks to her continuing collaborations with style svengali Nicola Formichetti. Viral Fashion took some time to talk with the woman behind the voice, and as it turns out, she’s fluent in fashion. Talent and taste – what more could you want in a performer?

Viral Fashion: So Nomi, tell us about yourself. How did you get your start performing?

Nomi Ruiz: I’ve been singing since I was a baby. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and finally my Brother and Mother said, “get your ass in the studio and do something with your voice!” So I did and here I am…

VF: Who are some people that you consider icons, people who have had an influence on you as a performer?

Nomi: Sade, Beyonce, Klaus Nomi, Mary J. Blige…

VF: What are some words you’d use to describe yourself?

Nomi: Soulful, somber, sexual, dark & emotive…Style wise: 70’s gypsy vampirella.

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6 photographed by Marco Ovando, styled by Nicola Formichetti of Mugler.

VF: Where do you find inspiration? What are some things that inspire you?

Nomi: I’m inspired by raw and honest music. People like Nina Simone & Amy Winehouse who wore their hearts on their sleeve. I’m also inspired by beauty & femininity.

VF: Now, most importantly; who are your favorite designers?

Nomi: McQueen, Mugler, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, Stella Mccartney, Rica

VF: Do you work with a stylist to create your look?

Nomi: I’ve worked with Ava Sanjurjo on my styling since we met in high school,and recently Nicola Formichetti has been dressing me.

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6, photographed by Marco Ovando. Viral Fashion Spotlight

VF: What’s the one item that you absolutely love to shop for, the one thing that you can never seem to have enough of? (jewelry, shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc.)

Nomi: Definitely shoes! The whole process of trying them on excites me. I can do it all day.

VF: Name three things, besides your cell phone/Blackberry/iPhone, that you absolutely cannot leave home without.

Nomi: Mascara, a mirror, & sunglasses…in case I wind up doing the walk of shame…

VF: Are there any trends that you absolutely regret following in the past?

Nomi: Wow yes… I totally fell into the high heel timberland trend! I had to stop when I saw them come out bootleg style in a variety of colors… it was a shameful moment…

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6. Viral Fashion Spotlight

VF: Tell us about how Jessica 6 got its start. How did you guys come together to form the group?

Nomi: Andrew (Raposo), Morgan (Wiley) and I met while touring with Hercules and Love Affair… we quickly became good friends and started to experiment with music. We never stopped and officially formed when the H&LA tour was over.

VF: So your first full length album “See The Light” debuted earlier this year and has been getting all kinds of attention ever since. Is there one track that you’d single out as your favorite?

Nomi: I love the title track “See The Light.”The sound was inspired by our love for Istanbul!

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6 photographed by Marco Ovando, styled by Nicola Formichetti of Mugler.

VF: Is there any advice would you give to the aspiring performers out there?

Nomi: Every day take time to dedicate yourself to your craft. Stay creative and innovative and surround yourself with people you trust.

VF: And finally, what are you working on going forward? What can we look forward to from both Jessica6 and from Nomi Ruiz?

Nomi: Jessica 6 is on tour again in both Europe and the US. I’m also working on some solo R&B music and hope to find myself in films.


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written by the Viral Fashion editorial staff