In the spirit of looking back at the year about to end, ampoule as well as looking forward to the year to come, emergency we at Viral Fashion count down our New Years Resolutions as only we can.

10. Work more tailored pieces into your wardrobe. It’s time to grow up.

9. Practice the perfect “imperfect” pant cuff, because it’s the little touches that really make a look.

8. Prints can be scary for the uninitiated. Wear them anyway. Floral, abstract, graphic or otherworldly, pick a print and run with it.

7. Embrace the trends, but don’t let them rule you.

6. Don’t be so quick to say “It’s not for me.”

5. Wear bold color, even if it doesn’t come naturally. Color is good for you, like sunshine.

4. Don’t feel guilty about spending money on beautiful things. Anything that makes you feel good isn’t a frivolity.

3. Buy more shoes.

2. Know what you like, but try what you don’t.

1. Take the time to look good regardless of where you’re going, who you’re seeing, or what you’re doing. Other people may not notice the effort you put in, but you’re not doing it for them.

by Viral Fashion’s Editorial Staff