Like seemingly all things in life that are directly related to beauty and appearance, shop things like clothing, health cosmetics and body enhancement, viagra skin care is one of those categories that, for the most part, leaves men neglected. Because someone, somewhere, at some point in history — relatively recent history, one would guess — decided that the human male shouldn’t spend as much time or money taking care of his exterior as the female of the species, we as a group are only now becoming conscious of the fact that the old way of thinking is, for lack of a better word, bull. Slowly but surely we have begun to see the light, though as with any new thing you try to teach men it’s something of an uphill battle…not that we’re stubborn or anything, no sir. Oddly, the things that are primarily vanity-driven like our hair (both styling it and removing it), manis and pedis, and changing the way our bodies look in clothes haven’t been a hard sell. On the other hand, something like properly caring for and maintaining our skin isn’t usually a top priority. Chalk it up to ignorance, but far too many men still don’t do it right, or worse, don’t care for their skin at all. Bottom line, if you’re using bar soap, or some off-the-counter, does-it-all-for-everyone product, you’re not actually doing anything to help your skin. Keep in mind that the goal isn’t just immediate results; preserving your skin should be just as important as making it look good in the here and now, so while nobody is telling you to drop $200 on eye cream, there’s no excuse for skimping on the products you use on your face.

Now as any dermatologist, esthetician or product junkie knows, and will freely tell you given the chance, the basic rules of proper skin care are not up for negotiation. They apply to everybody regardless of skin type, age or condition.

viral fashion 2012 mens grooming beauty skincare ddf cleanser facial blemishCleanse – The first step in any skin care regimen. Should be done twice daily (once in the morning, once in the evening) to rid the skin of surface oil, dirt, residue and any other junk that ends up on your face. The type of cleanser you choose depends mostly on your skin type, so getting to know your skin is a must. Between all of the different formulas out there (oil controlling, hydrating, anti-aging, acne-clearing, gel, creme, thick, thin, foaming, non-foaming, etc.) there’s literally one for every face, so be ready to try a few out before finding one that fits.


viral fashion 2012 mens grooming beauty skincare ddf cleanser facial blemish korres kiehls dr. dennis grossTone – Don’t be misled by all of the different names these products are given — toner, astringent, lotion — they all do the same thing, which is further cleaning out your pores and, usually, tightening them back up to block out any new impurities. Try to match up your toner with your cleanser, meaning if you’re using a hydrating cleanser, you’ll want a toner that’s formulated to do the same thing, and be sure to avoid any product containing alcohol or other harsh ingredients.


viral fashion 2012 mens grooming beauty skincare ddf cleanser facial blemish dr. denis gross korres kiehlsExfoliate – Essential for unblocking clogged pores, a good exfoliant should generally be used a few times a week as opposed to daily with the purpose of sloughing away dead skin cells that can lead to dull skin, blackheads, breakouts and uneven skin tone. These days the options are endless, stretching far beyond traditional scrubs. Things like glycolic cleansers and medicated treatment pads do the same job as a scrub without the abrasive quality.



viral fashion 2012 mens grooming beauty skincare ddf cleanser facial blemish korres kiehls dr. dennis grossMoisturize – A good moisturizer is an absolute must. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that because you have oily skin, you don’t need to use a daily moisturizer; that’s just not the case. Regardless of what kind of skin you have, a moisturizer is necessary to re-hydrate and balance out your skin. Of course it goes without saying that different people will need different things — oilier skin = lighter formula, dryer skin = richer formula — but everyone should be using one. Oh, and do yourself a favor, do not use body/hand cream on your face. Ever.

And that’s basically it. While it goes without saying that each person can and should customize the lineup of products in their arsenal, the basics apply to everyone. In addition to daily at-home maintenance, regular facials — yes, regular facials — are a necessary evil. They’re not always pleasant, but the long-term results are more than worth it. After all, unlike your hair, your tan and your muscles, you’re stuck with your skin for the rest of your life. Treat it well.

by Justin Friedman