Getting Kinky with Kiki (de Montparnasse)

Kiki de Montparnasse NYC

Valentine’s Day. Some love it, discount some love to hate it, tuberculosis but February 14th is an annual holiday for couples celebrating their affection. For all of our couples on the go who like to leave Valentine’s Day gifts for the last minute, search the W Hotels of New York City have collaborated with the infamous Kiki de Montparnasse for couples looking for a new way to spend the holiday. From February 1st to the 29th, the W Hotels of NYC will be offering the “Ignite” package.  

If Kiki de Montparnasse doesn’t strike a bell, think lingerie. Infamous for their luxurious and elegant lingerie lines, gifts, bath and body products, and bedroom toys, the line fuses fetishism with fantasy, to inspire what they call “the transformative power of erotic license.” For our fashion-lovers to whom the name is already familiar, let us remind you Kiki de Montparnasse is also the line with whom Julia Restoin Roitfeld, daughter of creative powerhouse Carine Roitfeld, collaborated with back in December 2011.

Kiki de Montparnasse NYC Julia Restoin Roitfeld Collection

The W New York’s “Ignite” package will certainly spark some romance in the month of February. After checking in to their suite, guests will be taken by private car to the “Couple’s Romance Salon” in the Kiki deMontparnasse SoHo location. A personal specialist will assist in a one-on-one private fitting to create a provocatively sensual ensemble for Valentine’s night. All guests will receive a complimentary discount on their purchases from the Kiki de Montparnasse collection.

After being driven back to their suite, guests can enjoy their new purchases (and each other) while sipping champagne. The “Ignite” package is truly a luxury experience for couples who find flirting with their fetishes to be the most gratifying Valentine’s Day activity.

Kiki de Montparnasse NYC

Can’t make it on the week day? The W New York has made it possible for Valentines to book the Ignite package at any time in the month of February- since love really doesn’t need a certain date to make the night a holiday.

The W New York Hotel Kiki de Montparnasse Special Package

Available for booking between February 1st and Febrary 28th, 2012, the package can be booked online at

The package is available at the following W New York locations:

W New York – at 541 Lexington Avenue @ 49th Street New York, NY 10022

W New York – Times Square (1567 Broadway @ 47th Street New York, NY 10036)

W New York – Union Square (201 Park Avenue South @ 17th Street New York, NY 10003)

W New York – Downtown (123 Washington Street New York, NY 10006)


by Rachel Margaritis
Ryan Nickulas of Ryan Darius Salon and The A-List: New York

Ryan Nickulas of RyanDarius Salon and LOGO TV’s The A-List: New York, impotent
is ViralFashion’s latest
Celebrity Spotlight Interview. Read on for our chat with Ryan about his take on men’s fashion, music, inspiration, success, and the importance giving back to those in need.


Viral Fashion: Ryan, you’ve managed to bring your skills, vision, and talent to New York and now to reality TV. Tell us a bit about how you got your start in the beauty industry.

Ryan Nickulas: My true start was when I was about four. One of my grandmothers owned a hair salon. I would beg my parents to let me go over there when they would go away instead of having a babysitter. She would pay me a penny a perm rod- because back then there were a lot of perms. She had a salon in her house and I would clean her perm rods and dismantle the perm papers, and I just loved watching her work.  It’s almost like I was let into the secret club of what women did to get beautiful, and at four years old, I was intoxicated by it. “What happens in the salon stays in the salon,” and I loved everything about that.

When I was ten years old, my hair started to go from blonde to brown. Obviously as we all evolve -I call it pre-puberty- some of our hair gets darker. I talked a small salon owner in my hometown into letting me clean her salon, and sweep her floor, and get her lunch on Saturdays, for free highlights, because I hated that I was going brunette at ten years old. It took my own mother about a year and a half to notice that I was getting highlights. The only reason she really found out is because my hair color ended up coming out a little better than hers!

VF: Choosing to attend the casting call for LOGO’s The A-List: NY, was a big step that put you, your salon, and personal life on national TV. Is it difficult to manage your private life while in the public eye?

Ryan: Not for one second. I think there’s a great phrase: “drinking the crazy kool-aid” when you wind up on TV. It’s about not believing your own hype. When you start to believe your own hype- that’s when it gets tough to manage. I consider myself the same Ryan. I still am doing everything I did on a day to day basis before reality TV. My relationship is the same, my business is the same, my friendships are the same- a couple added, a couple lost, but generally the same. It’s not difficult.

Ryan Nickulas of Ryan Darius Salon and The A-List: New York. Viral Fashion Spotlight.

VF: So after you walk off of the set or out of the salon, what happens next? Do you get a chance to relax? What do you do to wind down?

Ryan: It’s funny, I am in bed by 10:30. My goal is to be in bed by 10:30/11. I don’t necessarily wind down, I just crash. My nickname with my friends is “nana” because if I’m out past midnight, you know I had a five hour energy or a shot of espresso. I try to go to bed early and get 8 hours of sleep so I can do what I have to do.

VF: Everybody has their non-negotiables- daily breaks or activities they enjoy and will not give up- with family or alone. What are yours?

Ryan: It’s my weekend with my husband. My non-negotiable is spending time with him. He works extremely hard, long hour days Monday through Friday. So as a hairdresser and a salon owner, Saturday is one of the busiest days in the business, and I worked Saturdays for a little over ten years. Last year I stopped working Saturdays so I could have the full weekend with my husband, and let my salon do its thing with all the other stylists that work with me. That’s my non-negotiable- I no longer do weddings or go in on Saturdays. I spend time with my husband.

VF: Having conquered the hair and beauty world and now TV, what are some of your other goals?

Ryan: Not to dismantle your question, but I don’t believe I’ve really conquered anything. I think I’m a person who’s worked extremely hard, and someone who has set goals, stuck to it, and accomplished those small goals in life thus far. When it comes to bigger goals and what’s up next for me- first and foremost is family. My partner and I are starting surrogacy, and its a long drawn out process, but that’s really what’s up next for me.

VF: We worked with the Tech Design Club at FIT to bring you and Nyasha in to the college last semester, and you gave some great advice to the students about entrepreneurship and perseverance. What is your personal philosophy on success?

Ryan: If you don’t dream it you cannot achieve it. As a young teenager, I had the most beautiful picture of the city skyline of New York. I had fashion, I had couture, and Louis Vuitton bags, and gorgeous models with gorgeous hair, and I was obsessed with Sharon Stone and Cindy Crawford and I wanted those types of women in my life. That was my vision board. I didn’t know that this was where the road was gonna take me. I could have become a developer. My father owns a very successful business, and I could have done that. But I stuck to what I loved, what I truly enjoyed, and what made me happy internally and fulfilled me. The truth is, had I not stayed on the path of what fulfilled me and what I dreamed of, I would never be where I am today. I would probably be a Brooks Brothers wearing- V-neck sweater with a tie- gay man who sells multimillion dollar homes. That’s probably where my life would have been had I followed what would have been given to me, and not what I had dreamed to work for.

Ryan Nickulas of Ryan Darius Salon and The A-List: New York. Viral Fashion Spotlight. From left, TJ Kelly, Nyasha Zimucha, and Ryan Nickulas.

VF: Are there any specific charities or causes that you feel passionate about? Your Tumblr site seems to be a long list of volunteer work and events you’ve attended to give back to those in need.

Ryan: I love organizations that help the underdog, and that’s what speaks to me. You’re correct, I attend a lot of events. I try to give back to things that speak to me. I’ve been to several events for God’s Love We Deliver. I sat there and I watched a room full of men and women raise over a million dollars for that charity. I wanted to go and I wanted to peel those carrots, and marinate those pork chops, and package up those meals that get delivered to [4100] people a day in need who cannot physically go to the grocery store, or make their own meals, and provide for their own families. I wanted to make those meals, to see the love that goes into that. When it comes to the Ali Forney center, its really easy to just write a check and not look back. I try to promote awareness to those events- I attached my birthday party to them in lieu of gifts. When my husband and I got married, we didn’t want champagne flutes from Tiffany’s, we wanted our friends and family to donate to the Ali Forney center. It gave awareness to all these different people that had no idea about it. The Trevor Project is [also] an amazing organization. I guess I can’t put my finger on one thing that I’m the most passionate for. I’m just most passionate for charities who give to the underdog, who give people hope and a chance.

VF: You also champion new designers and artists on your site. Are there any new designers or musicians, maybe some of your clients, that we should be looking out for?

Ryan: Absolutely. There’s a young girl named Carishma. 


Carishma Glow in the Dark single

VF: I did see her music video! “Glow in the Dark?” 

Ryan: Yup- that’s one of them. It’s been so amazing to see this young woman work, and hustle, and grind every day for this goal. Even just as the hairdresser who makes her hair beautiful shiny, bouncy, wavy- I get to witness this entire thing firsthand. I would encourage everybody to check her out and listen to her music. I will say that she is a very charitable person as well. Watch out for this girl because she’s about to blow up.

VF: Who are your favorite designers? Is there one you couldn’t imagine life without wearing?

Ryan: That would be Alexander McQueen. I was there yesterday. I attended Mike Ruiz‘s birthday, and I walk in there [Alexander McQueen] when I want a special piece and I feel fab.

On my promo picture for the A-list New York: Season 2, I’m wearing a beautiful custom suit- he’s my secret gem in the city- his name is Peyman Umay, and he makes Bespoke. He makes made-to-measure. Im not your typical 6 foot, skinny man with these English, Burberry, Burnelli suits that I can’t fit into. I go custom because I’m a little shorter. I need to have things made for me sometimes, otherwise you look like you’re a walking box. I wore TOM FORD on my wedding day. My husband and I had custom suits by TOM FORD- we had that “Say Yes! to the Dress” moment with TOM FORD.

From left, Mike Ruiz, photographer, and Ryan Nickulas of Ryan Darius Salon.

VF: What about music? Are there any artists in particular that are important to you? Who goes on repeat on your iPod?

Ryan: I’m a Britney Spears fan. I’ve been a Britney Spears fan since day one. Through the ups and the downs, she’s always made great music. When I’m on the treadmill, in a spin class, its Britney Spears, it’s Pink. She’s one of my faves, and I like a lot of RnB and hip hop, and I can’t just name one!

VF: What’s one thing you’d never leave the house without? (Besides your cell!)

Ryan: The one thing I would never leave the house without, is my wedding ring.

VF: What do you see next for yourself? Will you continue on with the A-List? Maybe have your own show?

Ryan: I’m open to every opportunity that comes my way. Action creates reaction, and that’s just a phrase in life that I live by. Had I not done the A-List: New York, I would not have met so many people in my life that I love today, and I would not have had a lot of opportunities that have come my way. I am forever grateful to LOGO TV, and I am open to anything that comes my way.

If you were inspired by Ryan’s interview, find a way to give back to those in need as well! The Ali Forney Center, the Trevor Project, and God’s Love We Deliver are all charitable organizations that give food, clothing, or shelter to those in need.

Please visit their sites below, if you’d like to find a way to get involved or make a donation. 

The Ali Forney Center

The Trevor Project

God’s Love We Deliver

For more information on Ryan Nickulas or Ryan Darius Salon, visit, and check out his personal
site at  !


written by Rachel Margaritis