Sacre bleu! Fashion’s unending quest to reinvent and riff on time-honored classics has extended right down to the fingertips — more specifically, sildenafil we’re referring to the influx of modified French manicures that took the Fall runways by storm. With several new and unusual takes on the traditional (if not downright trite) look, this handful of modern manis gives an entirely new meaning to the term “French twist.” 

viral fashion 2012 beauty makeup nail art manicure nail polish lacquer trend modified french donna karan fall winter 2012 2013 red burgundyColor in the Lines. While a textbook French manicure usually involves a neutral base in sheer pale pink or nude topped off with white tips, several runway manicurists slightly switched up the formula, opting to keep the base neutral but painting the tips in unexpected hues. Take, for instance, the vampy thin red line at Donna Karan (the exact lacquer used was Deborah Lippmann’s Single Ladies), or the slick and shiny black spotted at Thakoon. Elsewhere, at Behnaz Sarafpour, nail tips were given the heavy metal treatment, thanks to CND’s Silver Chrome polish.

Earn your Stripes. With so many different colors to choose from when it comes toviral fashion 2012 beauty makeup nail art manicure nail polish lacquer trend modified french rebecca minkoff fall winter 2012 2013 two double stripe burgundy navy taupe painting your tips, why should you have to stop at one? This was the logic at Rebecca Minkoff, where the base coat was a muted taupe (Essie polish in Jazz), and the double-striped tip consisted of thin stripes of navy (Essie’s Midnight Cami) and burgundy (Wrapped in Rubies, also from Essie). The key to pulling off a look like this is to keep all of the colors complementary — in this case, the jewel toned navy and burgundy served as a fitting foil for the earthy neutral base.

viral fashion 2012 beauty makeup nail art manicure nail polish lacquer trend modified french chanel couture fall 2012 reverse pink silverIn Reverse. In what had to have been the most inventive iteration of this mani microtrend, the nails at Chanel’s Fall Couture presentation nearly overshadowed the clothes, based on the buzz they generated. Conceptualized by Peter Philips, the creative director of makeup for the brand, Chanel’s reverse French manicure involved an opaque, bright bubblegum pink base (Chanel nail lacquer in May) and a chrome polish outlining the nail bed as opposed to the tip.

As you can probably ascertain, when it comes to the season’s new French manicures, virtually anything goes. Experiment with different base and tip colors, add an extra stripe or two if you’re feeling ambitious, or eschew the tips altogether in favor of outlining the nail bed. Our only advice would be to keep your nails relatively short and round in shape; the longer and more talon-like your nails appear, the greater the possibility that your funky French mani will quickly veer into tacky territory.

by Gianna Froccaro

jewelry designer. Viral Fashion Spotlight.” width=”220″ height=”300″ />

ViralFashion turns its Spotlight on jewelry designer to the stars, cialis Rodrigo Otazu. A favorite of celebrities, malady
his designs worn by Lady Gaga at her Times Square performance this past New Year’s, and have been worn by a long list of powerful women like Madonna, Mary J. Blige, the girls of Sex and the City, Kim Kardashian, and Oprah Winfrey. The designer speaks to us about his work, his favorite designers, his enduring passion for life and love, and of course- glamour. 

Rodrigo Otazu, jewelry designer. Viral Fashion Spotlight.

Viral Fashion: Rodrigo, your name is quickly gaining popularity for your luxury designs that are beautifully unique. From crystal skulls necklaces of draped pearls, your collections are breathtaking. How did you come to enter the world of jewelry design?

Rodrigo Otazu: I was very little. My mother worked in television, and while she was doing a show I was standing behind the cameras. The bright lights and sexy, flamboyant clothing transported me to the magical world of fashion. In that moment, I fell in love with the glamorous life.

VF: You’ve said in interviews that your “work is always about light. It is the most important ingredient and the secret of my success.” How do you keep light in mind when designing a new collection? 

Otazu: Light is a positive ingredient I place in my soul to give the world beauty. I hunger to make women more beautiful, and positive thinking can bring you a long way.


Rodrigo Otazu, jewelry designer. Viral Fashion Spotlight. Madonna in Rodrigo Otazu designs.

VF: You’ve created pieces with skulls, gears, spikes, and crosses that are unique and edgy. You’ve even crossed the boundaries of what is conventional with masks, chokers, and headpieces. What inspires you to go beyond what is “practical” for every day wear?

Otazu: Fashion has to be fun for me- playful. There’s never a dull moment. I don’t limit myself to anything or anyone. I look to the future and see that the universe offers me all, so I take it, and make it my own. Why live within limitations when you can have it all?

VF: How do you envision the ideal Otazu woman? What does she look like?

Otazu: She looks WOW!

VF: Speaking of Otazu women, Lady Gaga has been spotted numerous times wearing your designs. How  did you create the special pieces she requested? Was she a large part of the design process?

Otazu: She [Lady Gaga] is a very special person in my life. She’s a bright star who shines in my heart, the example of a powerful woman and a woman in control, who will stand for what is right. She helps people who are different to stand proud- all of these are ingredients of positive action, and positive love for humanity.

VF: What other celebrities have you been able to work with personally? Do you have any favorite pieces you’ve created so far?

Otazu: The list is long and very surprising, because I love women who are strong. I like to be selective and to keep that special touch for those who are special.

VF: Are there any designers in other areas of fashion whose work interests you? Are there any particular men or women in the industry that you are inspired by?

Otazu: For sure! I love so many people in fashion- TOM FORD, Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, Viktor and Rolf, and Alexander McQueen. With respect to the women I love, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Middleton, Queen Radia of Jordan- just to mention a few.

VF: Your latest collection for Summer 2012 features a woman (literally) swimming in jewels. What was your concept for this collection?

Otazu: FRESH light colors, and a sexy feeling. My message is: Let go, be free, and float in the sea of love.

Rodrigo Otazu, jewelry designer. Viral Fashion Spotlight. Vogue Italia Beauty.

VF: What are you envisioning for the future of the Otazu brand? Will you ever make the step into men’s designs or more accessories? 

Otazu: The future is huge. I have many plans and this is just the beginning. I am designing a huge show in March and am hoping to outdo myself! I love challenges, and I hope that people will share that energy with me.

For more information on Rodrigo Otazu, check out his page at:

written by Rachel Margaritis