Sasha Charnin Morrison Senior Fashion Editor US Weekly Magazine Author of "Secrets of Stylists"

It’s not every day that a fashion lover gets to sit down with the image of success in the industry they are currently tackling. For Viral Fashion, treat that day came with an interview with Us Weekly Magazine’s, melanoma Sasha Charnin Morrison. Having over twenty years of experience in the industry working for Allure, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Mirabella, and Seventeen magazine, Sasha has now taken her career to authorship. Her book, Secrets of Stylists, features insider information, behind-the-scenes stories, and advice from her experiences as a stylist for celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez. Sasha lends us some of her wisdom, and talks stylists, working in the industry, and of course: her own fashion closet. 


Viral Fashion: Sasha, you have more than 25 years of experience in the fashion industry as a fashion editor for multiple magazines, stylist, and now an author. Your book, Secrets of Stylists, gives insider tips and some really awesome stories about people in the industry that most fans would never have gotten to hear otherwise. You have some strong opinions on the importance of, and vocation of, “the stylist,” and only in recent years was the term even coined. Why do you think it’s taken so long for stylists to become important?

Sasha Charnin Morrison: I don’t think stylists had the platform they do now. Digital media changed that. Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, all access to what they’re doing in a few words and images opened up new doors for people whose opinions you value and whose style you want to emulate. June Ambrose told someone that she couldn’t get Vogue to call her back, but on Twitter, she’s bypassed that and has broken through, and is her own Anna [Wintour]. She says what she wants and creates a dialogue with everyone. Anna Dello Russo who had been working for years, suddenly has become more important and lauded and copied than her employer.

It also turns out that celebrities have the name and wear the look, but sometimes the real fashion on the stylist is more compelling to look at and their words are more clear. “What was my vision, why did I choose this, this is how I work with color and WHY it’s important.”

VF: Stylists have to work behind the scenes, looking for ways to enhance the style of models and celebrities in editorials and magazine covers. If stylists are creating the looks, do you believe that stylists are the true interpreters of what is “fashionable?” For example, Rachel Zoe created signature looks for celebrities, and those were repeated on the street.

Sasha: I think they’re the architects that build on a canvas. I think they create stories and ideas, and news.

VF: Most people don’t realize exactly how “unglamorous” working in fashion can be. From your stories of Carolina Herrera’s dog biscuits, to working with Christina Aguilera, you’ve had some very “unique” experiences. What should people looking to get into the industry know and expect to be working with?

Sasha: If this is your passion, you will take the heat, the pain, the drama. It all sounds completely insane- especially when you try to explain your day to someone who’s not in the business. But you stick to it, because it’s constantly changing (seasons, news, styles) and because at the real end of the day, it is glamorous!

Sasha Charnin Morrison Senior Fashion Editor US Weekly Magazine Author of "Secrets of Stylists"

VF: You’ve stuck it out through the broken dog biscuits and tough bosses to being your own boss- In what ways has your career in fashion been rewarding?

Sasha: I was able to follow in the footsteps of my stepmother who introduced me to the Vogue fashion closet at 13. She’s at Town and Country now. It’s rewarding to tell her about my drama and who I’m styling and what we’re covering. It’s amazing to see pages of this magazine change and essentially redesign the magazine every week. To hear students tell me they like what I do, or want my job; it’s scary and thrilling. Plus, I know a lot of people and get to see the trends before anyone else. What’s not cool about that?

VF: Has it been difficult to juggle having a family and working at Us Weekly? 

Sasha: Everything is a challenge for everyone. But I’ve been consistent with my work hours and where I’ve worked. It’s just a part of our life.

VF: Do you see yourself continuing on indefinitely in the fashion industry? Are there any other career paths you would like to try?

Sasha: Other than wanting to design caftans and making Roman jeweled gladiator sandals, I think I am staying put. I would like to write more books, as well as keep my Twitter and Tumblr going. I’m always fascinated with keeping up with the digital.

Sasha Charnin Morrison Senior Fashion Editor US Weekly Magazine Author of "Secrets of Stylists"

VF: Do you have a personal favorite designer? What designers are your go-to’s for your own closet? 

Sasha: Azzedine Alaia and YSL. Cannot go wrong there. My day to day is Wilt, Rachel Pally, and Gap. But I will always switch up with a great shoe and a stunning bag. Must be luxe, I don’t do cheap or vintage well.

VF: Speaking of your own closet, Ian Drew, also of US Weekly, had you as his first guest for his series, The Interview. During your interview, you spoke a bit about your shoe collection…for all of our jealous readers- it sounded like Imelda Marcos’ closet. What designers do you have in your shoe closet? Do you have a favorite pair?

Sasha: Damn thieves at Continental stole my Gucci gold sandals which I think were my favorites: interlocking metallic gold lions in gold leather with the GG logo. That was a bad day. I have another pair in electric blue but they’re not the same. My Valentino flat Rockstud leopard harness flats may be second in running. I have Alaia, Prada, YSL, Giuseppi Zanotti, Louboutin, Celine, Chanel, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Manolo Blahnik, Valentino, Vera Wang, Tkee’s…No Jimmy Choo’s. Funny, huh?

Sasha Charnin Morrison and Ian Drew of Us Weekly Magazine for The Interview

VF: Is there anybody in the fashion world that you would love to meet that you haven’t gotten to work with yet? I guess it’s better said, is there anyone you haven’t worked with? 

Sasha: I would love to sit with Karl Lagerfeld, I think. Just during Chanel. I got to sit with other famous designers but he would be the one. Let’s collaborate on a bag, Kaiser! I sat with Alaia once and he told me he loved my face. Come on! Amazing. And Halston, he was one of a kind. What a presence.

VF: When working on an editorial, how do you conceptualize the “look” you’d like to go for? How does a typical shoot work for you?

Sasha: Well, I think about who it is and what type of “look” or idea to come up with. Us [Weekly] is different than Allure or Harper’s Bazaar. I mean, at Bazaar we did Grey Gardens inspired shoots about 4 times for the 5 years I was there. And that means studying the movie or images, and taking the clothing and almost costuming the model to look that way. Why anyone would want to dress like little Edie is beyond me, but it was a great way to get a designer credit on the page by wrapping sweaters in the girls hair and adding a brooch at the nape. Also the audience and the readers wanted that back then, not so much now.

At Allure, we would sit and figure out how to shoot…Michelle Pfeiffer. Well, that season the Prada collection was like what a Swedish movie star from the 1940’s would wear, but modernized. So that seemed like a great idea…get those clothes in and style her like Sonja Henie. No one really “got it,” but it was an interesting way to report on the news and shoot the clothing.

At US it’s real feelings and the subject is the drama- aren’t the Snooki’s and Teen Mom’s enough for you? We don’t have the forum for creating a picture book. This is a confession or a marriage announcement or a pregnancy or a weight reveal. Newsy. But we still try to shoot them in the best light, great color, and quickly. We shot a Rihanna exclusive at the Gucci store a few years ago in 12 minutes. And she looked sensational.

Sasha Charnin Morrison Senior Fashion Editor US Weekly Magazine Author of "Secrets of Stylists"

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written by Rachel Margaritis