viral fashion 2011 mens beauty grooming eyebrows threading tweezing waxing menswear lifestyleOut of all the individual components that make up a person’s face the eyebrow is the one that once changed can drastically alter the appearance. After all, buy viagra some of the most famous faces of the twentieth century featured brows that were distinct. While women have often engineered their eyebrows through various techniques for quite some time, somnology it’s only within the last decade that eyebrow grooming has become something of a norm for men. Perhaps we owe a debt of gratitude to the dearly-departed Fab Five of Queer Eye fame, for putting the idea that men should groom their eyebrows out there for the masses. If we thank them for that, though, we must also hold them at least partially responsible for the bad that has come with the good. viral fashion 2011 mens beauty grooming eyebrows threading tweezing waxing menswear lifestyleWhile most men who have adapted to shaping, grooming or simply maintaining their eyebrows don’t take the practice too far there are still too many men out there abusing their faces. To be blunt, as a man, if you willingly make it so that your eyebrow is perfectly defined and arched, then there’s a problem. The truth is that over-groomed, too-thin, too-perfect brows can actually look as bad (or in some cases worse) than brows with no shape or definition. While it may not be completely scientific – by which I mean it’s not scientific at all – it seems to me that what works for a woman’s eyebrows doesn’t work for men and vice-versa because women and men have different facial structures, generally anyway. A precisely defined brow complements a woman’s typically softer features, while a softer, less precise brow works best for a man’s more hard, chiseled face. viral fashion 2011 mens beauty grooming eyebrows threading tweezing waxing menswear lifestyleNow as far as how you opt to groom your eyebrows, that’s ultimately up to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind, though.

Tweezing can easily go overboard, especially in less experienced hands. Tweezing is best for maintenance, as a way to get those pesky strays that pop up now and then and are easy to find and remove. Over-plucking can leave you with any number of horrible outcomes, from brows that are completely unbalanced to gaps in the brow itself. These unfortunate conditions – and believe me, you will look stupid if you screw your brows up – are easily avoidable. Just don’t play eyebrow expert at home and you should be fine. viral fashion 2011 mens beauty grooming eyebrows threading tweezing waxing menswear lifestyle

Waxing is where the male eyebrow renaissance began, and it’s a procedure that women have endured for ages. The pros are that it’s relatively quick to have done and the hair will eventually grow in more subtly since the strays are getting ripped from the root. The cons are that it’s painful, can easily lead to over-done brows with the wrong person holding the strip, and in the wrong hands can irritate, burn or even bruise the face. While it’s safe to say that those risks are minimal if you go to a reputable place of beautification, they’re still very real. Maybe a little redness above your eye won’t look as stupid as one brow that’s thinner than the other, but it isn’t exactly a look to aspire to, either. Whatever you do, do not try at-home waxing kits or strips. They may seem great in theory, but the risks that come with forcefully ripping hair out of your face automatically triple when you have no idea what you’re doing.

The best bet is threading. For those who don’t know threading involves a technician and a piece of thread that is tightly wound around individual hairs which are then pulled out. It may sound like a painstaking process, but unless you’ve got eyebrows (or a single eyebrow for that matter) that look more like a misplaced moustache it’s actually pretty quick. In the right hands threading feels more uncomfortable than truly painful, and the results have the same long-term benefits of waxing. An added bonus is that since threading only pulls a few hairs at a time, the threader can more easily give you natural looking results. No straight lines or sharp arches here. The cons…are non-existant. viral fashion 2011 mens beauty grooming eyebrows threading tweezing waxing menswear lifestyle

The key to the male eyebrow is to keep the results looking as natural as possible, that is to say not perfect, just well groomed. Equally important is communication. Just as you should never let your hair stylist or barber do whatever they want, you need to be absolutely clear about what you’re looking for when you decide to let someone do your eyebrows for you. Before going, examine your eye area and see where the stray hairs are. A good technician – whether they use wax, thread, a tweezer or scotch tape – will know how to work with the brow that nature gave you and won’t try fighting it, but it’s still important for you to be able to tell them what you want. In the end it’s pretty simple, just do your very best to avoid looking like a male Marlene Dietrich and you should be just fine!

by Justin Friedman

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