viral fashion 2011 sandals menswear shoes mandals feet bottega veneta pedicure grooming beautyGuys, valeologist summer is officially here, tadalafil and along with soaring temperatures, sun-burns and swimwear, sandals are becoming more and more visible. Besides the fact that sandals of all kinds are staples in many a summer wardrobe – let’s face it, they’re easy to throw on and comfortable – there were also a higher-than-average number of sandals on the runways for summer 2011. That means that there are some reasonably stylish open shoes for the male population, which isn’t always the case (I cringe when I think of how Birkenstocks haven’t been outlawed yet). But just because there are plenty of options on the mandal front ( claims no responsibility for that portmanteau) doesn’t mean that most men are at all ready to wear them. For whatever reason men seem more frequently pre-disposed to having, and there is no nice way to say this, ugly feet. Let’s try not to think too much about why that is and concentrate on the fact that it’s something that can be changed. Lord knows that without maintenance the feet of the fairer sex probably wouldn’t be too hot looking either, but thankfully the female half of the population has long since evolved past simply living with ugly feet. For many women, pedicures, be they professional or at home, are more than an indulgence, they’re a way of life, particularly as the weather warms up and open shoes are in order. Why so many men still haven’t followed their lead is a mystery. I mean we’ve embraced shopping, viral fashion 2011 sandals menswear shoes mandals feet bottega veneta pedicure grooming beautywe groom unwanted hair from our bodies, we wax, pluck and thread our eyebrows so that they remain separated – hell, we’ve even got a line of Spanx to call our own – but for some reason far too many men neglect their feet. This isn’t a cardinal sin in and of itself. What you do with your feet and how they look is entirely your business…unless the rest of the world has to see them in which case it immediately becomes everyone’s business that your feet are looking gross. There are two very simple solutions to this problem. Option 1: stop wearing sandals. It’s a very simple rule, though you may not enjoy following it. But think of it this way, unattractive feet are offensive to everyone who has the misfortune to glimpse them. It’s equivalent to having bad manners. The less seen of those un-manicured toenails and callouses, the better. If Option 1 doesn’t appeal to you, go for Option 2: man up and make an appointment for a pedicure. In this day and age it’s doubtful that anyone will blink twice at the sight of a man in a pedicure chair getting his feet prettified – in the manliest way possible, of course. For anyone thinking that getting a pedicure will immediately deduct butch-points, that it will kill any chance you have with the ladies, bear in mind that it’s likely that a lot of women would viral fashion 2011 sandals menswear shoes mandals feet bottega veneta pedicure grooming beautyfind the fact that a guy takes care of himself appealing. Think about it, what woman in her right mind would willingly look at cracked heels and uneven toenails? Deep down you know that if your girlfriend/wife/future one-night-stand had her way she would break out her tools and beautify those hooves until you bleed. It’s time to join the 21st century gentlemen. No longer do you need to hide your funky feet in shame (or worse, in socks). No more will a pedicure be considered girly. Spread the word that ugly feet are not okay and that there is hope for the countless guys out there afflicted by this condition. The more men who embrace this way of life, the more beautiful the world will be.

by Justin Friedman