Once winter kicks into overdrive, this web there are a slew of skincare woes that tend to take effect. However, dermatologist the most overlooked casualties in the battle against the conditions are our hands. Even if you take the preventative measure of wearing your most stylish gloves, the fact remains that the hands are especially susceptible to drying, tightening and cracking during this time of year. The best way to keep dry hands at bay is with an intensive hand cream. Hence, we’ve curated a crop of creams that are, for lack of better words, the cream of the crop.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand CreamL’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. Hailed as a miracle product by its throngs of devoted users and fans, this hand cream is the stuff of legend, and understandably so. Enriched with shea butter, honey, almond and coconut oil, it’s incredibly rich and thick in consistency, but absorbs right away and won’t leave behind any greasy residue. Just take note when applying — a little bit goes a long way! In addition to the original, which is light and sweetly scented, this emollient comes in an ultra-soothing lavender-infused formula. Furthermore, it’s available in a convenient, purse-perfect travel-sized tube, ideal for on-the-go moisturizing.

Super by Dr. Nicholas Perrone Hand Cream


Super Hand & Cuticle Cream with Yogurt. Part of Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s superfood-driven collection of skincare products, this hand and cuticle cream relieves winter-worn hands while also rejuvenating them with the help of yogurt probiotics, which stimulate the production of collagen for healthy, supple skin. It also treats dry cuticles and strengthens the nails. Lightweight and formulated without sulfates, parabens or synthetic dyes and fragrances, it may not be good enough to eat, but it will undoubtedly keep your hands smooth and soft.

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(MALIN+GOETZ) Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment. Here’s an option that can be used by guys and girls alike. First and foremost, it’s oil-free, which means it won’t cause any buildup or leave an unsavory slick finish. Packed with Vitamin B5 and almond extract, which provide and retain moisture, this nourishing cream will sooth parched palms, regardless of skin type, and makes for a great overnight treatment because it won’t stick to your sheets.


Rodial Glam Balm Hand Viral Fashion

Rodial Glam Balm HAND. If you’re not familiar with Rodial, a luxury skincare brand from across the pond, please allow us to formally introduce you. The line’s Glam Balm HAND is an offshoot of its original Glam Balm anti-aging treatment for the face, neck and lips. An intensive and luxurious cream made with Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin C, which remedy sun-damaged or discolored skin, it also contains Vitamin E, which works to protect skin from winter’s environmental harms. It immediately sinks into the skin upon application, and it brightens the skin, making hands look youthful. At $39 for a 1.7 oz. container, it’s the priciest of the bunch, but the results that it delivers justify the price.

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. Last but certainly not least, we’ve brought out the big guns. This heavy-duty hand treatment is specifically formulated for the driest, most moisture-starved hands. As it forms a “glove-like” barrier with the help of botanical oils and natural wax extracted from Olive Oil, this substantial salve is tough enough to withstand dehydration caused by exposure to the harshest of elements. Since it’s made with wax, though, it is admittedly stickier than the aforementioned emollients. Thus, another option from Kiehl’s is the quite literally named Unusually Rich-But-Not-Greasy-At-All-Hand Cream with SPF 10, which may not be as intensive as the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, but will get the job done if your hands aren’t severely wind-whipped and cracked.

by Gianna Froccaro