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Laura Burhenn is hell bent on making a statement. Recently released, unhealthy  GENERALS is the second album from singer/songwriter Burhenn and The Mynabirds that is a welcome harbinger of the return of- dare we say it- real music to the mainstream. Amongst a growing crowd of strong female vocalists like Adele and Florence Welch, online and rock revivalists like Jack White and the Black Keys, Burhenn vocalizes her complaints and political frustration with a 60’s pop rock-sound.

Though her first album, What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood, bled with a Spector-like influence and more subdued vocals, GENERALS builds on Burhenn’s love of piano and drums to create a more confident and developed sound that walks hand in hand with the album’s message. Get to clapping and stomping with “Radiator Sister,” a tune you’d expect Zooey Deschanel to have on her dance playlist, or waltz through your morning to the sleigh bells and synthey-sounds of “Buffalo Flower.” The African influences heard on Burhenn’s percussion in “Body of Work” display her versatility as a musician. Not simply a vocalist, Burhenn recorded the album with only one other musician, Richard Swift, and played piano, synthesizers, percussion, and drums.

The Mynabirds Generals Laura Burhenn Viral Fashion Photo Credit DP Muller

The music is unquestionably addicting, but it’s Burhenn’s lyrics combined with her sometimes ethereal, sometimes piping vocals that suit her message for GENERALS best. Burhenn claims to have been inspired by women who have taken action to end social injustice like Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, and Naomi Wolf.  Quoting John-Paul Sartre in “Body of Work,” she chants “Freedom is what you do with what/With what’s been done to you.” In “Greatest Revenge,” Burhenn protests “American greed”: “When you take in more than you give/Oh you’ll drown under the debt.” Rather than focus solely on the negative, she croons her proposed solution with piano melodies and soft choral arrangements in “Mightier Than The Sword.” “Love who you love/No matter what/No matter how hard it may come.”

The Mynabirds Generals Laura Burhenn Viral Fashion Photo Credit DP Muller

Burhenn is a welcome change from auto-tuned singers flooding the radio with yet another tale of last night’s lechery. Her cry for action is in no way hypocritical, and along with the album’s release came a portrait project, “The New Revolutionists.” Burhenn’s website,, will showcase portraits of American women making a difference in their communities who might not otherwise have been recognized. Walking the fine line between the well of female indie vocalists and pop acts, Burhenn has carved a space within the stretch of modern music that can only be filled by the Mynabirds.

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written by Rachel Margaritis

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