As a lover of music, health fun, good vibes and good people, I’m psyched to be attending Camp Bisco XI this year on behalf of Viral Fashion. As you prepare for this upcoming weekend, here’s the lowdown on what to bring and what to anticipate at Camp Bisco.


1) A Less Chaotic Arrival

I’m sure all music festival goers were relieved to hear that Camp Bisco finally decided to open its gates Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning this year. VIP, press and artists also have a different entrance this year to pick up their passes so it will be a lot more easy going upon arrival for everyone!

2) Being Shpongled***

Although Shpongle will not be performing live as they did last year, I’m still looking forward to Shpongle Presents the Masquerade. If you are unfamiliar with what exactly this entails, it’s similar to the Shpongleton Experience which (in a nutshell) is Simon Posford inside a huge pyramid like structure with unbelievable visuals projected onto it. If you’re a lover of the performing arts, then get excited.

***Editor’s Note: Shpongle cancelled Camp Bisco this year prior to the event. Simon Posford announced: “The bad news is that due to unforeseen circumstances I cannot perform at Camp Bisco this year. I’m sorry.  At least I don’t have top the tornado last year!  The good news is Raja Ram is here, feeling much better and we are working on the 5th album again :::)”


I read up on the Amon Tobin ISAM masterpiece of fragmented bytes and bits on Melodysiac’s Article on 7 Reasons We’re Heading to Camp Bisco:

“The tech prodigy himself prepares to introduce his realm of the future in 3-D, with winding patterns, crashing sounds and a form of disbelief that might take many a lengthy digestive period (way past the weekend) to fully comprehend. We say bring on the staggering genius!”

From what I gather it’s a 3-D futuristic experience that will blow your mind (and your meaning, my). So be hyped!

4) Art Installations

There will be a number of different art installations to look forward to. One in particular is the installation, BangOn! NYC, a cargo van converted into a giant 1980‘s style boom box. Not only will it look awesome, but BangOn will be taking pictures of festival goers and uploading them live to an online gallery as well as their Facebook.

5) Camping

A good camping experience is made even better when you pack well. So here are a few things that you might be sorry if you forgot this weekend at Camp Bisco:

Battery powered fans: sweating through a hot night just isn’t comfortable. Avoid at all costs.

Bug spray: itching through aforementioned nights, or days, is also uncomfortable. Avoid pests and unsightly bumps with a simple spritz.

Plastic bags: keeping the world clean is more than a green effort, it’s a comfort thing. I’m sure no one enjoys camping next to the “dirty” group. Keep your trash in bags, and please dispose of them properly.

Flashlights: (or glow sticks?) Whatever works for you. Walking around in the dark is not necessary.

Rainboots, and don’t bring nice shoes! The fashionable choice here is minimalism, try for combat boots or reach for those Sperry’s for dry days. Your pedi will most definitely find it hard surviving an outdoor festival.

Lots and lots of water: (because it was never fun to leave a music festival for a hospital stay)

Extra blankets or sheets: there are no washer/dryers on a camping trip, so pack heavier on the side of bedding, just in case.

A tip on what you may want to leave home: glass. No glass bottles or containers, or you’ll find yourself emptying out your bags for security.


Camp Bisco XI will be taking place in Mariaville, NY. Indian Lookout Country Club and will welcome campers Thursday, July 12 through Saturday, July 14, with an early entry option on Wednesday, July 11 at 9 p.m.


written by Allie Gangi