Since the early days of the new millennium, click singer/songwriter and frontman of shoegazer/electronic band M83, neurologist Anthony Gonzalez, has been creating music that stands free of time’s holds on artistry. With a style sometimes reminiscent of ’80s greats like Tears for Fears and The Cure, Gonzalez avoids modern fads and the mainstream by merging electronic music with smooth chords, distinctive vocal melodies, and unique robotic synths.

 M83 CounterPoint Music Festival Anthony Gonzalez Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Thus far, the artist has released six albums that capture the listener and stream them along on an auditory, emotional journey across space, time, and an ocean of feeling. His most recent, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, has a haunting and bittersweet range of sound that could have been the score for Donnie Darko, and some of its more joyous, choral arrangements have made it to mainstream use on Victoria’s Secret commercials and in hit television shows like Skins.

M83 CounterPoint Music Festival Anthony Gonzalez

Heavily influenced by the synchronous nature of the fluid sounds that make up a movie soundtrack, Gonzalez has more than once admitted his dream to eventually create on a larger scale than a single album would allow. The success of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, caught the attention of major director, Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy), who pursued Gonzalez to have him score his next project, upcoming sci-fi flick, Oblivion, starring the always-infamous Tom Cruise. In an interview with, Gonzalez voiced his excitement over the new project, citing the opportunity as “a new adventure.”

 Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and Joseph Kosinski collaborate for Oblivion soundtrack. Photo Credit: David James/Universal Pictures

“I’m not afraid to do my first soundtrack on a big Hollywood movie…I like challenges and it excites me more than frightens me…It’s a chance to create something big and I’m ready for it. I’m always trying to push myself and I try to do it with my studio albums, and now this is a new adventure, so I’m going to push myself even harder, and try to surprise people and move people with my music.” (, Jagernauth, Kevin. June 28, 2012.)

 Anthony Gonzalez of M83, chosen to score music for Joseph Kosinski's new sci-fi movie, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise. Photo credit: Kris Brandon.

Longtime fans of M83 are glad to see Gonzalez achieving the critical acclaim due his efforts, while the latest buzz regarding his score for Oblivion is bringing new attention to the band. With his current tour in full swing, Gonzalez is playing sold out shows all over the United States, including an appearance in Atlanta’s CounterPoint Music Festival this September. M83 will be performing songs from the latest album, and fans of course can anticipate hits like “Reunion” and “Midnight City” to have a live run. Along with similar artists like Com Truise and Washed Out, M83 is set to flood the air this year at CounterPoint with a shoegazing high that has had listeners addicted since the release of M83’s first album, a little more than eleven years ago.


written by Rachel Margaritis