viral fashion 2012 skincare skin products makeup beauty summer scrub exfoliant tan l'occitane shea ultra rich body scrubWhen it comes to tanning, ambulance conventional wisdom has generally held that exfoliating is the enemy; it’s believed that sloughing away at the skin will significantly effect the longevity of your golden glow in a negative way, since exfoliation aims to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface layer. However, just as it’s important to scrub up before you bronze, in the days following exposure to the sun, it’s a good idea to continue with gentle exfoliation. Routinely removing dead skin is a necessary step in the summer skincare process, as it better prepares the skin to absorb moisture, which will ultimately maximize your tan’s staying power.

The key to striking a balance between exfoliating and keeping your tan intact is by choosing a non-abrasive,viral fashion 2012 skincare skin products makeup beauty summer scrub exfoliant tan peter thomas roth botanical buffing beads salt-free scrub. Salt tends to further dry out the skin, making it less than ideal for tan maintenance. Look for a body scrub that features nourishing elements — such as shea butter, jojoba beads or lavender — which will help to replenish and refresh the skin while simultaneously hydrating it. Apply your scrub in a circular motion to damp skin, and then rinse. Be sure to moisturize the skin immediately after exfoliating, because scrubbing the skin makes viral fashion 2012 skincare skin products makeup beauty summer scrub exfoliant tan oscar de la renta foaming body scrubmoisturizing lotions and other products more easily penetrable, therefore prolonging your glow. Ideally, you should opt for a scrub that is gentle enough for everyday use (foaming scrubs provide an excellent low-impact daily option), but to ensure that you’re not overdoing it, it’s best to wait a day or two between each exfoliating session. In fact, if your exfoliant is delicate enough, it can even alleviate peeling, sunburned skin without causing any further redness or irritation.

While exfoliating may cut the lifespan of your tan by a slight amount, the benefits of scrubbing in after laying out tend to outweigh the detriments. Gentle body exfoliating evens out skin tone, makes the skin feel less dry and scaly (an unfortunate yet widespread after-effect of prolonged sun exposure), and prepares the skin to more readily soak up the moisturizer of your choice. See? Despite what our girls in TLC may have told you all those years ago, scrubs can and should, in fact, get some love from us.

by Gianna Froccaro