You might recognize Saint Saviour’s incredible voice from the latest Groove Armada album Black Light or from the documentary ‘Sound it Out‘ featured at SXSW. UK singer/songwriter Becky Jones (aka Saint Saviour)  left the electro band The RGBs and decided to go solo. Her majestic soprano voice, psychiatrist often compared to Kate Bush and Sinead O’Connor, pregnancy has a graceful yet intense sound that lures you away from reality into a dream world.

Taking the road less traveled, shop she crowd-funded her new album Union through PledgeMusic, which was released on July 24. The songs on Union have an interesting balance between electro and orchestral qualities with interesting music videos to match her creative style. We picked three of our  favorite selections from Union, that I think everyone will enjoy too.







Viral Fashion: What’s the story behind your name Saint Saviour?

Saint Saviour: I took the name from the area where I live, which is a part of London historically quite poor. There are several institutions like houses for the poor, children’s charities and schools called ‘Saint Saviour’s’. I’m interested in that concept of community and charity and I took my name from that sense. I’m not a religious person.

VF: How would you describe your sound?

Saint Saviour: Like a monster truck thrashing through Teletubby land.

VF: You have a unique voice with a strong presence, do you have any tips or tricks for vocal warm-ups or preparation?

Saint Saviour: Just do what you feel. It depends on the aesthetic of the artist. I like Nico’s voice and I’m sure she didn’t do exercises but I also love Nina Hagen and she was a trained Opera singer. A lot of vocal technique is about health and common sense.

VF: From your sound, performance, to your overall look, you have an interesting approach. Do you have any muses or creative influences that helped shape your style?

Saint Saviour: Yes, millions of them. At the moment I’m in love with learning about Scott Walker, Pina Bausch, Victoria Chaplin and Marcel Marceau but musically the only constant influence beneath millions of passing flings has been David Bowie. I like people who show a spectrum of emotion.


VF: You were featured in a film/documentary called ‘Sound it Out,’ can you tell me a little bit about that? Would you be interested in doing something like this again?

Saint Saviour: Yes. Sound it Out is a film made by Jeanie Findlay who has beautiful red hair. She invited me to be part of a documentary she was making in a record store in my home town. I turned up to do an in-store performance and sang a few tunes, and ended up going to Texas with them to premiere it at SXSW. The making of the film and the promotion were entirely crowd funded and it inspired me to do the same for my album.

VF: What have you learned from your experience with Groove Armada?

Saint Saviour: That flying isn’t as scary as I first thought.

VF: How has your style and creative process changed since you decided to create your own solo act?

Saint Saviour: Its hard to say because I try not to over think my creativity. I think the creative process has become slightly easier simply because of experience.

VF: Do you find it more challenging as a woman in the electronic music industry since it’s heavily dominated by men?

Saint Saviour: Not in the part I inhabit. I think you make your own world and people come to it. Robyn, Grimes, Karin Park, Bjork, they all just get on with things exactly how they want. In fact I think women have more free reign to be spirited and diverse.



VF: Aside from vocals and song writing, do you have any other creative outlets?

Saint Saviour: I like doing all kinds of things. I like creating costumes and craft. My first 2 EP releases were hand stamped and hand made by me in my lounge.  I’d like to have a go at curating a festival. I used to co-run an illustration company so I have lots of experience with exhibitions and events.

VF: After a long hard day of work, what do you do to relax and unwind?

Saint Saviour: A cold beer with a dash of lime.

VF: What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

Saint Saviour: Learn how to plan long term and short term, keep organized, be inspired, be energetic. Get out there and kick some ass.

VF: Do you have any upcoming shows or tours? What are you currently working on?

Saint Saviour: I have a tour coming up in November but at the moment I’m gearing up to release my second single.

VF: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Saint Saviour: I am forever at your service.


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Written by Allie Gangi