viral fashion 2012 angela martini givenchy fall winter style interviewWorld-renowned beauty, hygiene entrepreneur and model Angela Martini is quietly reinventing the concept of the Triple Threat. From walking the runway to having her designs on one, pharmacy Angela is ready to take over the world, order on picture at a time. We caught up with this month’s cover model to find out more about the woman behind the bikinis…

VIRAL FASHION: So Angela, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How did you get your start?

ANGELA MARTINI: Well I was born in Albania, but grew up in Switzerland. I came to Miami for the first time in 2007 straight from Switzerland, it was on Super Bowl Sunday and the teams were playing at Dolphin Stadium. It was my first time there and I had no idea what was going on, I knew no one. I only booked a hotel for one night, and did not have a Plan B. My plan was to go see the modeling agencies (without any appointments) the next day, have them sign me and get set up down there. Plan A worked out and now 5 years later here we are!

VF: Did you always have an interest in fashion? Was it something that you were exposed to early on?

AM: No, actually I didn’t. Growing up I didn’t care about it at all. I became more aware of fashion when I started modeling.

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VF: Who are some people who have influenced or inspired you, both personally and professionally?

AM: I get inspiration of from all kinds of people. My favorite thing to do is “people watch”, to sit back and analyze people’s behavior and try to figure them out.  I like to study people and their behavior.  If I wasn’t a model, I would have been a psychologist.

VF: Now, most importantly, who are your favorite designers?

AM: I don’t really have one. I don’t follow trends and brands, I just go with what I like at the moment. I don’t go after Givenchy, (which I like) because everyone likes Givenchy, so I try to look for new designers who are up and coming, who people don’t wear as much, like RAD or Rolando Santana

VF: What’s the one item that you’d consider to be your “fashion addiction”, the one thing you simply love to shop for and cannot have enough of?

AM: For now, body jewelry and rings  – it makes me feel like a goddess.

VF: What are three things, besides your cell phone, that you cannot leave home without.

AM: My iPod, some perfume and sunglasses

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VF: Are there any fashion trends that you regret following in the past?

AM: Many! In that moment, you get caught up. I always look back at pictures and wonder ‘what was I thinking’?

VF: So how did you get started designing swimwear?

AM: I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and being a swimsuit model it made the most sense. I knew bikinis very well!

VF: What inspires you when it comes time to design your collections?

AM: I like to get information from traveling, and from my girlfriends.

VF: Is there any advice you can give to any aspiring models/designers out there? 

AM: Trust, have faith, and a great team – a team is very important. Enjoy the path going there, not just the end result.  Have fun and be happy. Try to grow, and every time they come your way, embrace challenges.  Just be yourself and life is beautiful.

VF: And finally, what are you currently working on. What can we expect from Angela Martini in the future?

AM: Well you will just have to follow @Angela_Martini because every day there is something new!!

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Atmosphere’s lead rapper Sean Daley, implant
better known as Slug, here has been touring for over ten years now and is favored by the younger generations as one of the greatest hip hop rappers of our time.  He will be performing at Counterpoint Music Festival which will take place on September 27-29. had the opportunity to talk with him about his plans for Counterpoint, his music and his creative process.


Photo Credit: Do you use both instrument-based sound and samplers? What’s the plan for Counterpoint?

Slug: We have been using both for years now when we play live there’s some synths, some keyboard, some guitars, there might be a bull horn but then there’s also some turn tables and computers.  We’ve been kind of been doing a mixture of the two just so that we can texturize.  We’ve been doing it like that now since probably like 07.


VF: Do you approach doing a set at a place like Counterpoint differently than other festivals or venues?

Slug: As far as sound goes, no, we carry our own sound man and he works for us all the time.  We present a certain type of sound and he helps us present it, that’s just how we are.  We want our sound to be the same no matter where we play.  Now as far as like what types of songs I’ll choose to perform yes.  There are certain songs that we have that don’t really play that well at a big festival setting or outdoors for that matter, or in rain or in the sun, ya know.  I just kind of let the day dictate what it is, ya know.  I can get to the festival and I can be like look at these kids they’re stoned out of their minds, and I’ll play the kind of music that caters to that, or I can get there like hey its raining I’ve got a couple of songs that work really well in the rain, let’s try those.  A lot of times it’s not really about catering to whether you’re indoors or outdoors, this is the feeling of the day let’s play some songs that match this feeling.


VF: So you kind of just figure it out as you go?

Slug: Yea but in the same breathe, don’t get it twisted, I have certain things I want to do before I get there because I’m like we’ve never played this song in Atlanta before and blah blah blah.


VF: At Bisco this year you said “Let’s be real, this is as close to church as a lot of us get.” I know a lot of people, including myself, definitely know what you’re talking about, but can you elaborate a little more on what your message is to your fans?

Slug: When you bring an audience together it’s just a bunch of individuals in a room and sometimes it can be easy to forget that you built a community in that room.  Much like any other reason for people to congregate, this is a moment of people coming together and congregating for music, for a feeling, for a vibe, for entertainment, to forget about their problems, all kinds of shit, but at the end of the day its all about feeling good, it’s all about finding that place with music, and I feel like that’s the same reason why people go to church.


VF: You also wore a “Stephen Kings Rules” shirt.  Are you a big fan?

Slug: I’m a big fan of that shirt.  Nah, yea I like Stephen King.


VF: Are there any new projects you’re working on?

Slug: Theres a few things that are kind of loading themselves up, none of them I’ve really started. I don’t know if I’m necessarily ready to talk about them publicly because you never know what can fall through.  I’m at that place where I’m starting to exercise those creative parts of me, writing again and getting ready to start doing the fun work.  Nothing has formed yet that I should necessarily disclose.


VF: So that brings me to the question: What’s your creative process like?

Slug: I sit in a chair, well actually nowadays I stand in my basement in the same place and I pace back and forth while I play the beat that I’m writing, and I just kind of keep doing that for hours.  I’m the kind of writer that needs stability.  I need things to kind of always be stable, ya know?  I have all the same things about me.  I don’t like to write in hotel rooms or places that are unfamiliar to me, I like to write in my basement.


VF: What advice do you have for an aspiring artist?

Slug: Don’t lie to anybody.  There’s no need to, like if you feel like you need to lie to somebody to hustle them, then don’t do it because you’re actually the one getting hustled.  Don’t lie to yourself either.  Be as honest as you can with everybody, just when you do make those connections or when you do find an audience or when you do find friends, ya know, you don’t have to play any fucking games about who or what you are.


VF: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us.

Slug: No, thank you for taking the time to talk to me that’s a huge favor and I appreciate that.


Counterpoint Music Festival

WHEN: September 27-29, 2012     |     WHERE: Atlanta, GA

By Allie Gangi

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