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Call us cray, food but we always get a little thrill when we hear a contemporary dance song that harks back to the good old days. Give us a funky bassline and we’re smitten. Mash it together with some jazzy sax, website bouncing synths and a drum machine or two and you’ve got the recipe for a good time. Such is the case with DJ Sammy Bananas’ reworking of Adulture & OCD Automatic’s already cool “Paper Cat”. We always love a good throwback.

Beautiful Lou ft. Himanshu | RUNNING THRU THE JUNGLE

A track from up-and-coming producer Beautiful Lou’s SUMONE 2 B YOUNG WITH mixtape, pfizer “Running thru the Jungle” features Himanshu (aka Heems of rap duo Das Racist) lackadaisically going in over a sample slowed down beyond recognition. Challenging the standard conventions of hip-hop, the song lacks a definitive chorus and meanders sedately throughout its 2 and a half-minute duration. Nevertheless, Lou and Heems confidently make the assertion “no hook, no hype man, no problem.”

Frank Ocean | THINKIN’ BOUT YOU (Lonsdale Boys Club Mix)

Hotter-than-hot and cooler-than-cool nuveau-R&B crooner Frank Ocean is the man everybody wants more of these days, what with his career making turn on Jay and Ye’s epic “No Church In The Wild” followed by the his own even more epic single “Pyramids” off of his highly praised CHANNEL ORANGE. Less epic, though no less awesome, is Lonsdale Boys Clubs’ bouncy, upbeat remix of Ocean’s chilled out single “Thinkin’ Bout You”, which leaves us jamming to the though of sunnier days gone by. Summer may be over, but thanks to this track we can at least pretend it’ll last forever.

Kitty Pryde – HITTIN LIX

As Isaac Newton’s laws of motion have taught us, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and interestingly enough, this theory applies in the context of modern-day upstart female rappers. In this case, for every tough-talking, swagger-exuding spitfire à la Azealia Banks, there’s a soft-spoken yet equally striking lyricist like underground YouTube sensation Kitty Pryde. Whereas Banks barks and taunts with her bars, Pryde raps almost entirely in a vernacular of squeaks and sighs. “Hittin Lix” features an ambient, dreamy beat that’s typically uncharacteristic for most songs categorized in the “rap” genre, but somehow manages to work effortlessly. Spinning the familiar teenage narrative of getting into trouble in order to impress her too-cool crush, Pryde has asserted herself as one to watch.


If the title of this bluesy, melancholic track off of Ms. Del Rey’s love-it-or-hate-it album BORN TO DIE doesn’t sum up the post-Labor Day malaise that’s bound to set in sooner or later, nothing else possibly could. What better way to lament the last days of summer than with sullen pouty vocals, church bells, James Bond-esque guitar and the slow, steady beat of marching drums that fall somewhere between regimental and funereal. If that doesn’t paint the most optimistic of pictures, well, it’s not supposed to. Mellow and beautiful, mournful and melodic….yeah, we’re feeling that Summertime Sadness.


Every now and then a dance song comes along with a lyrical lineup that does more than just worm its way into your ear. Such is the case with New York-based electronic duo MNDR, whose single #1 In Heaven off of their just-released first album FEED ME DIAMONDS is inspired by, of all things, notorious heiress/kidnapping victim Patty Hearst. No, seriously. With a hook that borrows a bit from Hearst’s infamous words upon being booked into jail, an easy to love and infectiously danceable beat, and one of the most brilliant breakdowns we’ve heard in a long time — you better put your hands above your heads — duo Amanda Warner and Peter Wade have absolutely sure that we’ll remember who they are.

Mykki Blanco | WAVVY

It’s not every day that you find a hard-spitting rapper who dares to blur the rigid lines of the gender divide, but not every rapper is downtown darling Mykki Blanco. Wig on, lashes out and heels clacking, Blanco — a.k.a Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. — could very well be the masculine (well, sometimes anyway) counterpoint to that other rap sensation Azealia Banks’ feminine. Blanco’s deliriously trippy track “Wavvy”, and it’s equally bonkers video — think a hipper take Stanley Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT and your on the right track — have us wanting to get, you guessed it, Wavvy.


What do you get when you take one of our favorite songs of the summer and pump up the energy to eleven? Dance floor magic, that’s what. DJ Peter Rauhofers stomping, searing remix of the Sisters’ already infectious “Only The Horses”. Pairing lead singer Jake Shears’ melodic vocals with a white hot, pulsating soundscape that builds to a euphoric release of thumps, beeps and pulses, this is that rare remix that takes an already beloved song and manages to do it justice. If this song doesn’t get asses a’movin to the beat, nothing will.


Sky Ferreira’s name has been on our radar for quite some time, but until now, we couldn’t exactly tell you why. The singer/model/DJ/dilettante/Cobrasnake subject seems to have finally found her niche with her latest single, “Everything is Embarrassing,” off her upcoming EP Ghost. With drum machines reminiscent of ’80s dance anthems serving as a foundation for Ferreira’s layered and warped vocals, the song is equal parts upbeat and haunting.

The xx – CHAINED

Find the nearest dimly-lit room and attractive companion — The xx is back with their inimitable brand of indie makeout music. “Chained,” a selection from the band’s latest offering, Coexist (to be released September 11), is a natural extension of their critically acclaimed 2009 debut, xx; with signature hushed vocals, sparse production, and lyrics that convey longing and love lost, it will undoubtedly please fans and should also pique the curiosity of unfamiliar listeners.

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