Robert Moog, unhealthy who founded Moog Music and invented the Moog Synthesizer, discovered a new way to make music which opened an endless amount of doors.  Moogfest is not only one of those doors, but it also keeps up with tradition and opens even more.  As you can probably already tell, MF is not your typical electronic music festival.

Produced in conjunction with Moog music and the city of Asheville, MF directly benefits the Bob Moog Foundation.  They also give to society in three very unique ways which is what makes this festival stand out:

 The Moog Innovation Award

Thomas Dolby was announced as the third recipient of the Moog Innovation Award, joining 2012 winner Devo and 2011 winner Brian Eno.  This award celebrates pioneering artists, such as Dolby who creates genre defying music and designed his own synthesizers.

Orbital Remix Contest

MoogFest is partnering with Orbital to offer aspiring producers the opportunity to submit their best remixes of the duo’s “Where is it going?” for the chance to attend the festival as a VIP, including accommodation for two, a meet and greet with Orbital, premiere of their remix via Orbital’s soundcloud and/or facebook, amongst other prizes.

 Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience

Bob Moog Foundation’s Interactive Setup will have a range of new innovations present by other manufactures to explore in addition to the Moog instruments, synthesizers, Theremins, effects pedals, oscilloscopes and more educational tools.


The lineup is reflective of the reoccurring theme that runs throughout the festival.  For example, composer and pianist Harold Budd has a minimalist music style, playing ambient and drone music.  Ambient, which is highly experimental in style, encourages the exploration of sound relative to human emotions.  I believe amazing art makes others feel something on a deeper level, whereas a masterpiece makes an audience feel something they’ve never felt before. Explosions in the Sky does just that, which is why I’m really looking forward to seeing them live.   They have a number of songs that makes me feel nostalgic for something  I’ve never experienced before.  It’s that exact element of novelty that Moogfest carries out.


Morton Subotnick, a true innovator of electronic music, will be performing his Silver Apples of The Moon (1967) which is one of the most influential pieces of electronic music and has inspired a generation of composers, performers, and music theorists.  Subotnick will present Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless Sulfur accompanied by a video created by Berlin-based media artists Lilevan.  Speaking of interesting visuals, Primus will also be making a stop on their first ever traveling 3D-enchanced live musical tour, and of course how could anyone not be excited to be Shpongled?

Moogfest will take place in Bob Moog’s hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, where music lovers will gather together on October 26-27.  Check out the Moogfest facebook page for more information or go to their website here.
Written by Allie Gangi