viral fashion 2012 versace mens hair style grooming beauty js sloaneWhen it comes to men’s hair there are very few genuine trends that come along. In large part this probably has to do with most guys’ unwillingness to change, clinic let a lone try something new, but in addition to that it’s because, really, what haven’t we done? Once the 80s came and went, in all of their Billy Idol-blonde, Flock of Seagulls glory, there really wasn’t anything left to be done from the forehead up that can be considered new. While there’s no new territory to cover as far as follicles are concerned, the past is as rich a goldmine as ever, evidenced by the resurgence of none other than The Pompadour. Far from the greased-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life DAs of decades past, the new iterations on this iconic look are softer and less severe, but still as cool as ever. Spotted on the Fall runways, not to mention countless guys about town, The Pompadour has officially made its comeback. With that in mind here are five guidelines for getting the look for yourself.

  • The Cut: Length on the top, short on the sides is the name of the game. A far cry from the long all-over look that first gained fame in the 50s, this modern looking cut will not only add a bit of edge courtesy of the closely-shorn sides, but will be a welcome relief when it comes time to work on that coif.
  • The Product: A vintage inspiration calls for authenticity, but Brylcreem isn’t gonna cut it in this day and age. Instead, reach for the ultra-cool JS Sloane Medium or Heavy Brilliantine. Not only do JS Sloane’s little amber jars have that clever retro vibe but the pomade is your new go-to for creating a style both sleek or scruffy. Remember, less is more. You can always add product if you need it, but you can never remove it once it’s in.
  • The Blow Dry: Give your damp hair a few shots of a hot dryer get that full pompadour style rockin. You’ll need a bit of extra lift at the roots to create any height, but beware of overdoing it lest you fall head-first into Jersey Shore territory. Leave the round brushes for the pros, you don’t need the hassle.
  • The Technique: Side part, no part, combed back, combed up…go with whatever fits your mood. Don’t over-think it. Keep your movements loose and your fingers nimble. The goal is to have hair with some character to it.
  • The Finish: Have you ever seen James Dean or Elvis with dull, lack-luster locks? That answer is an unequivocal “no” of course! It’s all about classic, handsome good hair, but not heavily-lacquered “do not touch” style. Sure it may be retro and vintage but hair products have come a long way from the days when Grease was the word. For added shine try JS Sloane’s High Gloss Top Coat.

by Joey Adami