viral fashion 2013 bomber jacket mens style trend shopping jacket burberry prorsum schott winter styleIt’s January and let’s face it, medications the thrill of the Fall season shopping and holiday blitz has bust. Now, erectile we’re in for long work days and longer nights. The perfect pre-season clothing pick me up? A new piece of outerwear that can easily transition into Spring’s crisp and windy style forecast. A bomber jacket is the ideal purchase to chase the Winter blues away, stuff but this is hardly just a flighty indulgence. With its strong masculine design and versatility, every man should have one or two bomber jackets in his fashion arsenal.

Bomber jackets, also called ‘flight jackets’, were first issued as part of the standard uniform by the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II. Like a lot of good things brought back when the soldiers returned home, the bomber jacket quickly entered mainstream culture and took off. The bomber jacket has been a signature part of cultural styles ranging from hip hop to punks to hipsters.

This season there are a fleet of bomber jacket styles to choose from, no matter if you’re on the Sergeant payroll or just a lowly Airman recruit pulling from your Private stash

– Mac Smith