viral fashion 2013 the great gatsby film baz luhrmann prada soho flagship costumes style Fashion and film: They make such great bedfellows it’s a wonder that the two don’t meet head on more frequently. But perhaps it’s this infrequency that makes the moments when they do collide that much sweeter. Such is the case with with the any-day-now release of Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, sick The Great Gatsby. No stranger to the intensely stylized — not to mention the anachronistic — Luhrmann’s glossy and glamorous update is bound to be one of the most fashionable films released this year. While the Jazz Age decadence and over-the-top glitz that would be expected of any Gatsby adaptation would be more than enough to seal the deal, the addition of costumes created as a collaboration between costume designer Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada takes things to a whole different level of fashion nirvana. Even better, the incredible array of costumes featured in the film’s outrageous party scenes are currently on display at Prada’s SoHo Epicenter.

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While the beauty and intricacy of each costume ensures that anyone who visits will enjoy the view — Martin and Prada employed what I would estimate to be about a metric ton of sequins, beads and crystals — fashion aficionados will have fun trying to identify which details came from what season of Prada’s body of work. There are chandelier crystals taken from Spring 2010, sequined “feathers” borrowed from Fall 2007 and plenty of the chunky embellishment and faux-naif costume jewelry that have become the designer’s hallmarks. From the tops of the perfectly adorned headdresses to the tips of the fabulously un-historical shoes, each look displays a personality all its own — a fact driven home by the plaques providing the scoop for each party-going background character who donned each incredible look. The best part, however, is the up-close-and-personal nature of the exhibit. Laid out on the SoHo store’s Rem Koolhaas-designed graduated steps and giant “wave”, the display invites viewers to look at each mannequin as closely as they like, close enough to touch in fact (though that would be frowned upon). If Gatsby Fever has reached a pitch, this exhibition — open to the public until Sunday May 12th — should only add to it.

– Justin Friedman
viral fashion 2013 fall winter marc jacobs runway pajamas trend menswear style shopping silkFamous loungewear enthusiast Hugh Hefner once claimed, women’s health
“I have about 100 pairs of pajamas. I like to see people dressed comfortably.”
And while you may not own a mansion or a bevy of blondes (note to self: get on that!), treat there is something to this mindset. Designers have been making waves with the grown man pajama uniform from Marc Jacobs taking all three runway bows (Marc Jacobs, patient
Marc By Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton) in silk sets to JW Anderson showcasing silk, luxurious pajama designs prominently in his Spring 2013 menswear show. Maybe not every man will embrace sleepwear as daywear, but one thing’s for sure: the fashion set will find it a perfect bedfellow. Believe it or not, pajamas, even just worn to bed, have always been a bit controversial. First introduced in India in 1880, they were a shocking alternative for men after years of unisex nightgowns. Here was a silk sleep set that was modern and purely masculine. Pajamas for women didn’t take off until after women’s suffrage and when style-setting ladies had ditched the skirt for androgynous pants. Seems masculinity and the right to be heard also gave you the right to comfort.

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In the 1930’s, pajamas became popular beachwear(!) and loungewear for the wealthy and with the mod but lax 60’s pajamas truly entered the realm of mainstream everyday by becoming the uniform for the jet set crowd for entertaining and dinner parties. For now, though, the look is purely casual and laidback. There’s still an air of sartorial refinement in wearing your sleepwear out and about, but men can pair their daytime pajamas with pants or shorts or break the set up and wear them with other pieces in their wardrobe, making the look even more personal or versatile. The best part is pajamas are an ideal way for men to look polished and fashionable but remain cool and comfortable for summer, which is great because guys don’t get many options when the temps rise.

Ultimately the pajama trend offers a sleek, modern and relaxing way to present yourself and your fashion know how. Somewhere Hugh Hefner is nodding approvingly.

– Mac Smith