We’ve heard of the moons whipping the Malibu surf into ripping tides and fantastic tales of otherwise harmless men turning into werewolves with each full moon, about it or bloodsuckers emerging from their crypts at nightfall to subdue the innocent. But what do some of our favorite cities in Europe turn into at the brink of dusk? I bet you didn’t know that prim and proper London leads quite the double life, this site where the neighborhood postman gets off his rocker on 5 pints of lager. Have you heard about the tribe of midnight rollerbladers thousands strong in Paris? Or how the otherwise benign bike paths of Amsterdam turn into a yellow brick road of sorts when Steve Aoki is DJing a few blocks down? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, ask but your favorite vacation spot has been cheating on you.  While you’ve been tucked in at night, she’s been tangoing with a new dance partner.


Studio 80

Studio 80

Kinkerbuurt, located in the Oud-West district of Amsterdam, is one of the city’s most heavily populated neighborhoods. Take a stroll down Kinkerstraat and you’ll find yourself with a lion’s share of café and food markets to choose from. Cafés are a lifestyle here. The Dutch delight in taking in the summer sun while lounging on a terrace or curbside with a fresh cup of espresso or a cold pressed pint of Leffe. The food markets burst with colors exploding from ripe organic vegetables. And, come night time, one need only venture into the heart of Amsterdam to feel the beat of many a drum or turntable. Club Up on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat is free of the usual club pretense and boasts the top nights out. Check out the nearby Studio 80 to find tomorrow’s next top DJ.



Rollerbladers in Paris

Rollerbladers in Paris

Paris on any given summer morning is tranquil. The usual joggers pant along the promenade that leads up to the Eiffel tower. As the day burns on, the local patisseries brim with long queues of patrons, and food markets, boasting foods from every ethnicity, thrive in each arrondissement until roughly 4pm. But when night falls on Friday and the shops shutter their doors, Pari Roller hosts a parade of hundreds, or even thousands, of rollerbladers that blaze through the city. Beginning at 10 p.m., a wave of up to 35,000 skaters from 8 to 80 barrel through the city at breakneck pace, taking a different route each week to explore the streets of Paris until 1 a.m.



lager dosomethingcool dot netLondon, for all its button up 9-to-5ers, is a bit of an enigma. It is one of the few metropolises in the world where one can visit top museums for free all year round, take in the lush beauty of Kew Gardens, and marvel at the grandly royal Buckingham Palace. But these activities are daylight fare. London, for better or worse, is also a drinking lad’s playground. Every manner of pub, from The White Hart (and there are probably a million with that name in England) to any other with an animal inspired title, offer punters a vast range of exotic lagers. One runs a gauntlet of pubs that stretch through the city with his or her mates, each paying one round at each pub until completely tapped out or last call—whichever comes first. So don’t be surprised to see the casualties of the pub gauntlet on the London curb at night; not everyone is made for taming 4 or 5 pints in the course of an evening. Magically it would seem, London reverts back to its business casuals the following morning, with no trace of pub-crawlers to be seen.



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After weeks of dreaming about it, physician
it’s here: your summer vacation. But what will you wear? Well, pharmacy depending on the destination Viral has a few suggestions.

The Hamptons

Going out east for the summer is a rite of passage for some New Yorkers. As the city subways and sidewalks sizzle, information pills
the time to escape to beaches and benefits is now and it’s just a jitney away. But The Hamptons are not any old trunks and flip flops kind of crowd. This is straight up luxury at its most relaxed. The tony shopping street of East Hampton, Main Street, houses storefronts for well-known preppy labels like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J Crew, etc. but make sure to check out men’s, women’s and home luxury classics from Lexington Clothing Company, one of two US locations of this Swedish cult favorite. We love their intarsia anchor ‘Jack’ sweater for when beach nights turn chilly.


Known for gorgeous beaches and the celebs that fill them, Saint-Tropez is still the place to beach and be seen. The sartorial vibe relies heavily on a storied past of old Hollywood movie stars (and their modern day equivalents like Beyonce and Jay Z ) on glamorous holiday. Now’s the time to trot out the finest in European luxury labels like Gucci’s perfectly retro-influenced double breasted suits for men and rich, yacht-ready floral print silk halter tops for women.

St Barts

If Saint-Tropez is old Hollywood glamour, than St Barts is full on modern celebrity culture gone wild. This is no holds-barred, guns a blazin’ fun in the sun that attracts a wild crowd, including big and brash names like Rihanna. For men and women alike this is the time to bare some well-defined skin and showy designer pieces. Men can carry their designer swim trunks in their printed Burberry Prorsum tote while women can show off their abs in a sexy Pucci cutout swimsuit while staying hydrated with a Chanel flask purse. Talk about show stopper!

Wherever you are heading off to in the next couple weeks, make sure to get out there and enjoy the summer fashionably and fabulously.

– Mac Smith