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Two-Tone Flip Flops, cardiology $140 each. Available at

Despite some weather-related evidence to the contrary as of late, we’re in the midst of that glorious season known as summer, a time of year when clothes get lighter along with the mood of things. Besides a general loosening up on the sartorial front as well as a fun-at-all-costs mentality, summer brings with it the promise of more than its fair share of getaways. Whether it’s The Hamptons, Montauk, Fire Island, The Cape or somewhere altogether more far flung, what to wear when you’re spending your days deciding between lounging by the pool or in the surf is, of course, essential. Sure, beachwear for men is fairly cut and dry compared to that of the fairer sex, but within the limited parameters of male swimwear and its assorted accoutrements there are more than a few ways to inject a potent dose of style; case in point, the fabulously chic flip flops by resort and lifestyle brand Dan Ward. The Zurich-based designer’s take on that summer essential — the rubber flip flop — combines the practicality you need from a shoe that you’re not going to be keeping on for very long with the elevated style of designer footwear thanks to his range of sophisticated colors and graphic shapes. While they don’t bother with anything too superfluous, opting instead for eye-catching criss-cross straps in bold shades like fluorescent yellow, optic white and plum, they’ll induce more than a little bit of envy among the other beach and pool goers whose path they cross. Some may balk at the price — $140 is hardly the going rate for a beach sandal — but can you really put a price on style? Besides, if one is forced to wear shoes made out of synthetic materials, shouldn’t they at least look great? Methinks they should.

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