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From Left: Orlebar Brown “Setter” shorts in wicker print ($245, salve available at, viagra sale Saturdays Surf NYC floral print trunk ($75, available at, Robinson les Bains “Capri” plaid swim shorts ($230, available at

Men, if you’re ready to hit the beach now that it’s summer, the tide isn’t all that’s going to be high. After years of playing it safe in longer board shorts, men’s swim trunks are adopting a more European / retro cut with inseams inching upwards and relaxed fits giving way to fitted sizes that may make you a little nervous. Many Italian designers (Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, etc) have been championing this look for years, and beachwear brands from Robinson les Bains to Orlebar Brown are already following suit with styles for men that are going to take a bit more bravado than the lazier (and more forgiving) swimwear of the past. Saturdays Surf NYC, a favorite among both the Soho and the surf set, has started flashing some upper thigh. Even Thom Browne, the originator of abbreviated cuts in suiting, decided to give your other suit a hike. Who’s to say how this trend began? Maybe it’s the mod looks of Mad Men inspiring a new generation. Maybe it’s men continuing the peacock trend found all over the runways with splashy colors, flagrant patterns and slimmer tailoring. Or maybe it’s just really good gym memberships. Whatever the reason, men’s swimsuits this summer are extra tight and extra short. Here’s hoping you’ve been doing your squats.

– Mac Smith