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About a year ago, this I came across an article that was in British GQ that discussed the topic of male pattern baldness. And like everyone who has experienced hair loss in some capacity or another, ed I was intrigued to read the different solutions they had regarding the topic. Being someone that was not comfortable with taking pills (that would end up with possible side effects) or having to use powders or sprays (that would inevitably end up on your sheets and pillow cases, patient and even on the headrests of chairs), and not willing to commit to hair transplant surgery (that could cost from $50,000-100,000), I decided to go with the option of follicle simulation, otherwise known as scalp tattooing. Being that I’m from New York, and obviously reading a UK based magazine, I decided to start my search because I knew there had to be someone based in New York area that had to have been practicing this procedure. In doing extensive Google searches, I came across a company by the name of Scalp Aesthetics. I went to their website and felt comfortable with the look of their website. I came across their creator, Bryce Cleveland. He was a young guy who had experienced most of the hardships that people go through when experiencing hair loss at an early age. From watching his extensive videos and reading up on him, I felt that he would be the perfect candidate for the job. It appears that Bryce himself, like many men, experienced baldness at an early age and suffered a lack of confidence due to this issue. He courageously figured out a hair loss solution to not only his physical problem, but also a solution to the emotional strain that came along with it. This drew me more to the conclusion that this was the perfect person. So i immediately contacted Bryce, and was very impressed that he was able to get back to me in a timely manner to consult with me. He made me feel that it would a natural-looking approach, and I would be able to create the illusion of having a full head of hair. Without another thought, I decided to book an appointment immediately.

Scalp Aesthetics Innovative

Not only does he do the work himself, he also teaches the art of follicle simulation. He also creates organic dyes that don’t have any blue or green properties, so they won’t turn a bluish tint, which most men fear. He also developed a special needle, which unlike traditional tattoo needles, will simulate missing hair follicles, giving you the appearance of having a 5 o’clock shadow on your head. In speaking to Bryce after making my appointment, when I met him in person, I came to find that the procedure was totally pain free, and between Bryce and his assistant, I was made to feel very comfortable and received 5-star service. I was very impressed with what Bryce has achieved at such a young age. I give him a lot of credit for taking a negative and turning it into a positive, and he has set out to help men and women alike regain their self confidence, one head at a time.

I can assure you that your experience will be just as good as mine, and I feel it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. For more information, head over to For more information, head over to or call 1-855-HAIR-TAT for a free consultation.