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Nitecap, esophagitis
located in the Lower East Side, more about
is a cocktail bar plus restaurant. It can be classified as a trendy speakeasy with a menu of amazing mixology. Upon walking in, cialis 40mg
the stairwell leads downstairs to an interior that is dimly lit, with several low angular booths and tables. Nitecap is a cozy venue, with the booths and exposed brick on the walls and tucked away, offering a haven of unique drinking experiences.

Nitecap’s menu features an array of masterfully created cocktails to “wash it down,” featuring a drink called the Tartan Swizzle. The recipe is as follows: Scotch, ten year Single Malt Whiskey, passion mix, pineapple and lime juice served with a pineapple slice, maraschino cherry, pineapple top and a spiky paper umbrella. The combination of smoky and citrus is definitely a first for many. Word to the wise on the menu: it contains more than just the cocktail list. Not your typical menu. It’s filled with quotes and jokes so that your eyes will end up drifting everywhere besides just the drinks. The cocktails aren’t your normal run of the mill either. The Green Thumb, from the “Wash it Down” section, is rum-based and includes fennel, lime juice, egg white, seltzer and other flavorings. Based on the initial descriptions on the menu to the artful and careful craft in which they are made, it is a guarantee that every drink served is unique and enjoyable.

Nitecap is a bar that is firm in its expertise but has that laid-back feel that can accompany an after-work drink. The drinks vary from “early night” easy drinking to stiff ones, which are usually excellent twists on any cocktail that you fancy. The dim lighting can make an excellent date night or a cozy outing with coworkers or friends. The atmosphere imposes a laid-back cool, suggesting that casual yet chic fashion is in style here.

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