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We’ve been rummaging through this season’s look-books. Some stellar; Some not so stellar. And a lot of in-betweens that look remarkably like each other. That being said. Retro is back. But retro is back if you’re going classic. Classic like Bogart, abortion
Garbo, medicine Kelly or one of our faves Audrey Hepburn. You’ve seen the fab catsuit with zebra stripes and beret Hepburn rocked into immortality. You know the silk gloves, cigarette holder perched between lips, and black dress drizzled with diamond necklace on the cover of every fashion mag, that does a retrospective of style icons. And of course you remember the little angel dress that oozed innocence and sexiness, in one soft coo.

Leona Edmiston has re-imagined that look in what she calls the Felicity dress. A simple sash ties at the waist, while the shoulders get some air on a boat neckline. The dress itself flares out at the bottom, just below the knees. We can absolutely imagine Ms. Hepburn in this very same dress, perusing a script, chatting with a journalist or stepping onto the set for her close up. The thing that makes this look work is that it’s understated. We haven’t seen much this season that frankly is understated. Everything on display at the Met Gala this year was virtually big, bright, bold, and barely there. However, for those hoping to go back in time, Edmiston has etched out some pieces this season that tip the hat to the silver screen of yesteryear.

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Edmiston for her part has been in the fashion game for 30 plus years; dressing the likes of Elle Macpherson and Nicole Kidman, and helming boutiques in the US, the UK, and Australia. That being said, you can whip down to one near you to see for yourself. We like what she has on offer this season in tribute to Ms. Hepburn.

If you dare to try this look, keep it simple. The dress will do most of the work. So pair subtly with a nice diamond band, ring, or necklace and some simple heels. Pin your hair up like Audrey or pull it away from the face. As for where you wear this little number, well where don’t you wear it?

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–Akil Wingate
@AkilWingate on Twitter and Pheed