As any woman who’s slipped her feet into a pair of heels can tell you, there are sexy shoes, and then there are sexy shoes. Few people know this quite as well as Alejandro Ingelmo, whose Spring 2014 collection, shown in the Highline Room at The Standard, combined both the craftsmanship and sex appeal that the Miami-born, New York-based designer has become known for. What was unexpected, however, was the amount of color on display. Typically associated with an urbane palette of graphic neutrals like black, white, silver and gold, this season saw Ingelmo tackling color like never before. Fiery tangerine, holographic fuchsia and turquoise, mint green and coral popped with accents of rose and yellow gold, silver, navy and blush. Black only made a couple of appearances, most memorably for a pair of knee-high gladiator boots, a new spin on the designer’s ‘Odyssey’ shoe. Cut out from top to toe, they were the most eye-catching shoe in a collection filled with eye-catching shoes.

For the boys, Ingelmo has reworked some of his signature street-ready sneakers in a variety of materials and colors that evoke both the beaches of South Beach and the mean streets of NYC. On the South Beach side of the divide, you had metallic turquoise mirrored leather ‘Trons’, holographic hi and low-tops that blaze like a sunset, and black polka-dotted pony hair ‘Jeddi’ lace-ups, while the New York end of things comes courtesy of the black pyramid-stud textured ‘Tobys’, grey and green camouflage pony hair, and the black patent leather ‘Coats’ lace-ups recently worn by Justin Timberlake during his performance at the VMAs. Whether it’s flashy and fun or sleek and sophisticated that you want, Alejandro Ingelmo has got you covered come Spring. Good luck picking just one favorite.


Photographed by Andrew Werner


– Justin Friedman
The Golden Cadillac- photo credit

Golden Cadillac is a cocktail bar with remnants of a past era: the 1970s. The ambient space has a nostalgic feel to it, life
with the reinvented food, for sale
drinks and décor revamped from the past. Located in the East Village, on the corner of 1st and 1st, Golden Cadillac has an oldies vibe, while still maintaining a super smooth and suave feel. The purpose of Golden Cadillac is to channel the past disco-grit of New York City in the 70s. The cocktail menu has all of the classics: Long Island Iced Teas, Cosmopolitans, Pina Coladas and Bloody Mary’s but with some newbies thrown in: the Early Grey Mar-tea-ni, the Lava Flow and the Harvey Wallbanger. The Golden Cadillac does more than just feature the classic cocktails on the menu; it reexamines them, brings them up to date with today’s cocktail drinker and puts their own little twist on the signature drink. The menu, according to the executive chef Miguel Trinidad, is inspired from Gourmet magazines from the 70s. The idea was to bring back “vintage” food, just like bringing back vintage cars. The menu is laden with items like tuna casserole and homemade knishes, which emphasize the old-school vibe.

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The interior is a time machine, as if you left the year of 2014 and flew back in time. It pays homage to the Lenox Lounge in Harlem and the Odessa Café in the East Village. These bars had lots of layers to them, with Art Deco as the starting point. The colors ranged from oranges to burgundies to browns. The Golden Cadillac feels like a sleek cocktail lounge. The glowing neon yellow beacon sign on the corner, draws partygoers in and sets this bar apart from others.

Aside from the attractive décor, food and cocktail menu, the array of music is what makes the Golden Cadillac a hot spot. Who doesn’t love classic throwbacks from the decade that bore the hottest music?  The soundtrack features anything that was minted before the end of 1979. Its definitely a pleasurable place to grab a drink, while rocking a pair of high-waisted, flare jeans. After all, styles do come back eventually.

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-Amanda DelGaudio