Using fashion to make a statement has gotten a whole lot easier since the statement tee has made its triumphant return to the fashion forefront. First making an appearance in the seventies they maintained their popularity through the early nineties; however, the statement tees of the nineties were primarily focused on brands, making them more of a status symbol rather than a fashion statement. Statement tees have come a long way since their early beginnings, with every major designer from Alexander Wang to Moschino to Kenzo joining in on the tee takeover. With a number of high-end designers working their magic on the basic tee, the end result is something much more fabulous than ever before. With the statement tee’s popularity on the rise, fashionistas no longer have to cringe at the thought of wearing a t-shirt. The perfect staple piece to have in your wardrobe, it can easily go from laid-back and casual look to sexy and chic. The trick to wearing a statement tee is proper accessorizing and styling. With so many high-end options available, there’s no reason that a tee has to be equated with sloppiness, so read on to learn how to rock one of this season’s biggest trends.

It’s What’s on the Outside that Counts | With weather that can’t seem to make up its mind, layering is not only a fashion statement but a necessity, and the statement tee presents the perfect opportunity for layering. Throw on a leather or metallic bomber jacket or a denim or tuxedo vest over a statement tee to instantly up the style.

Jewelry is a Must | Accessories can make or break an outfit, so just because you’re wearing a tee doesn’t mean you can skimp on the jewelry. A stack of bangles, bold earrings, or a few rings will add depth and a bit of funk to your outfit. Want to dress up the look? Try a contrasting statement necklace.

Dress it Up | While statement tees look great with jeans, they also look great when dressed up. Try pairing your statement tee with a high-wasted or bandage skirt or leather pants.

It’s All in the Shoes | If Carrie Bradshaw has taught us anything it’s that shoes are just as important as any other part of an outfit. Instantly add edge to your “tee and jeans” combo with strappy sandals, high pumps, edgy gladiators or a pair of this season’s must have slip-on sneakers.

– Daniella DiRienzo

Imagine a place where all of your childhood dreams can come true… your childhood food dreams, that is. Say hello to Momofuku Milk Bar, where Lucky charms, Fruity Pebbles and Cap’n Crunch all make appearances. Now that you’re grown up, you can treat yourself to cereal milk soft serve with cornflakes sprinkled throughout. How appropriate: the most famous item on the menu is called the “Crack Pie,” a buttery, sugary concoction that will surely cure your sweet tooth. Is your mouth watering yet?

There are numerous Momofuku Milk Bar locations all around the city, featured in Midtown, the Upper West Side and East Village, so you can have your pick of sweet goodness. The Milk Bar is more of a quick sit down location, ordering items off the menu a la carte. However, the East Village location has a less crowded feel. With the warmer months coming up, it’s a great place to order your coffee, cookies, pies and delicious cereal milk soft serve and sit outside on the benches and enjoy your goodies. Momofuku Milk Bar is a great place to go on a balmy Saturday afternoon, clad in a breezy dress with shades, enjoying your delicious blueberry and cream cookie. The other cookie flavors feature confetti, corn, cornflake marshmallow and the compost cookie, which has an odd combination of ingredients, including pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips. This cookie may not be for everyone but it sure sounds interesting.  Packaged cake mix and cookie mixes are available for sale if you feel like making your own crack pie, confetti cookie and cornflake cookie for a late night snack. Their infamous cereal milk mix is also available in to-go plastic containers.

In addition to sumptuous desserts, there are meal combos at any time of day. A popular combo is a veggie bun, a side such as chips, pretzel or cookie and a drink, such as a flavorful vanilla latte. When I think of Momofuku Milk Bar, I think of a place friends can go on a late Saturday night for dessert, after their dinner drinks have winded down and cravings for sweets are in abundance. Momofuku is certainly on New Yorkers’ “hot spot” list.

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-Amanda DelGaudio