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Provocateur, sale
located at 18 9th Avenue in New York City, no rx is a nightlife oasis that embodies the splendor of international nightlife. Its likely known to have an entry that is comparative to “getting into Fort Knox, sale
” but is described as the “Garden of Eden” inside. This luxe nightclub has a reputation for numerous celebrity sightings. Dressing to the nines is a must for this hotspot because once you gain entry, you will be among celebs like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosio and the Hilton sisters, some of the most glamorous and beautiful stars.

The inner décor of Provocateur deals with two distinct nightlife settings: nightclub and lounge. There is an outdoor garden space with a glass roof, and the entire venue feels airy and intimate. Though its pricey to get a table for a night when a hot DJ is spinning, its worth it just for the ambiance, the house music and the possible glimpse of a famous face.

Provocateur is also graced by talented DJs such as Tiesto, Avicii, Kaskade, DJ Dirty South and more. All the hottest DJs spin here on a regular basis, guaranteeing amazing house music and an unforgettable club experience. Currently, this week DJ Dan Ghencia is featured at Provocateur, known as the “kingpin” of the Parisian underground DJ scene and one of France’s hottest DJ exports.


The cocktail menu is regarded as fantastic. Drinks that serve two functions, to give you a nice buzz, with some health benefits: anti-aging, clarifying and replenishing properties. Two exquisite cocktails are the Strawberry Glitter, fresh strawberries, fruit liquor with Moet & Chandon, and the Sparkling Pear, with Vodka and cactus.

Provocateur is a special place, where beauty, fashion and extravagance all merge together into one of the hottest, celebrity gracing, famous DJ playing clubs in New York City. Make it your next destination, if you can get through those infamous doors, that is.

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-Amanda DelGaudio