In spite of the fact that they’re a style essential all year round, nothing says “summer” more clearly than some killer new shades. As anyone who has tried to find something new and exciting in eyewear can attest however, it’s rare that something which feels fresh jumps out at you from the plethora of updated classics that crowd display cases. Every so often something novel does show up, and when it does it’s usually not long before every brand of eyewear is doing it, from round John Lennon-inspired shapes to bi-color frames. The latest trend in sunglasses to pop up everywhere from the runways to the sidewalks are mirrored lenses, but they’re far from your standard issue highway patrol style. Instead of more traditional silver, black or gold, bright shades of iridescent aqua, purple, chartreuse, magenta and orange can be found on everything from Ray Ban’s signature Clubmasters, Cutler And Gross’s classic metal aviators and 3.1 Phillip Lim’s D-frame shield-style glasses. Offering a bold, quirky pop of color to an accessory that’s usually on the colorless side, these mirrored shades are the perfect way to inject a bit of fun into even the most subdued outfit. As an added bonus, these colorful lenses are just as well suited to guys as they are to girls, making them far more versatile than your typical eyewear fad. Aside from the gender-specific options on offer, there’s a plethora of unisex styles to choose from. With that in mind we’ve selected fourteen of the best, brightest and most bitchin’ mirrored lenses that will work on the ladies and the gents. So what are you waiting for? Get ’em while they’re hot!

– Justin Friedman