viral fashion 2014 fall winter makeup beauty product nail polish color cosmetics lacquer christian louboutin rouge red soles bergdorf goodman saks nordstrom sephora stiletto loubs pigalle so kate WHAT IT IS | Christian Louboutin Nail Color in Rouge Louboutin

WHY WE LOVE | It’s not every day that news of a new nail color launch can manage to send womankind into a collective tizzy. While Chanel has occasionally pulled off that particular trick — the brand’s Fall 2009 release Jade immediately comes to mind — even they haven’t managed to create the amount of buzz brought on by the surprise release of Christian Louboutin’s brand new nail lacquer, more about the aptly named Rouge Louboutin. According to fashion lore, a bottle of red nail polish was the inspiration behind Louboutin’s red soles, so when word broke that the world’s foremost designer of dangerously sexy footwear had launched a signature nail lacquer, it seemed a perfect case of things coming full circle. Now, as a dedicated product junkie with a passion for polishes it takes more than your everyday red nail color to catch my eye. More often than not it’s a bit of a “been there, worn that” situation. However, as any woman with a pair of Pigalles or So Kates can attest, the red of Louboutin’s red sole isn’t just any red, it’s the only red that matters. With my curiosity in overdrive I quickly scored (meaning hunted down) a bottle of the stuff, and speaking of the bottle, it’s quite the show stopper. A jewel-like square of faceted glass with a blackened bottom and an absolutely lethal looking stiletto brush handle, it makes quite a statement. After marveling at the packaging I finally got around to painting my nails with two coats of glossy red goodness and, after letting them dry, realized that I had discovered what is possibly the perfect shade of red. Rouge Louboutin isn’t too warm or too cool, it’s neither too dark or too bright, and it manages to be sexy, timeless and very fierce — not unlike Louboutin’s shoes when you think about it.

WHERE TO BUY | $50, available at,, and

– The Product Junkie

Cielo is regarded as one of New York City’s most legendary clubs. It’s located in the ultra chic Meat Packing District, women’s health
a haven for music and plays some of the most famous DJs on the scene. The city’s most masterful DJs made residence here, such as David Guetta, Luciano and Sven Vath. Born in 2003, Cielo is co-owned by Nicolas Matar, a famous DJ at a Pacha Nightclub in Ibiza for twenty years. Cielo won numerous awards such as “No. 22 in DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs of the World,” and the “Best Club,” in the IDMA Awards, just two of their many awards.

Cielo prides itself on bringing a new level to the New York nightlife by having the best DJs, beautiful décor, stunning lighting, impeccable service and a sound system that is world-renowned. The sound system is most definitely boast-worthy, which envelops the dance floor, enabling everyone in Cielo to have an amazing night. Above the dance floor, which has a seated bar area and sinks a couple steps below, there are multiple disco balls which creates an awesome ambiance. Cielo is open five days a week, beginning on Monday with Francois K’s Deep Space, Wednesday with Louie Vega and continuation of the party all through Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The cover charge is twenty five dollars to enter and can be discounted by checking in Cielo’s Facebook page, on the day you visit the club.


Cielo also likes to reiterate the fact that it’s a place for mature individuals seeking an intelligent and wonderful night out, with no hassles and no elitism with VIP booths, lounges or rooms. In addition, once inside, there are no ropes, checkpoints or rules. They want their guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, as well as the security enhancing the experience and not hindering it. The exact location is at 18 Little West 12th Street between 9th Avenue and Washington Street.

-Amanda DelGaudio