Dry Shampoo is taking over hairstyling shelves as the new and efficient phenomenon. Whether you’re trying to keep a cute ‘do for a little longer or maybe you just feel a little lazy about the typical wet-wash routine, Viral Fashion is here to debunk a few myths about the dry shampooing method and whether or not it will be effective for your style.

Dry shampoo washes hair just as good as wet shampoo.

TRUE. Dry shampoo really is rising as the new hair treatment. Styling is all about saving time, while still looking effortlessly beautiful. Dry shampoo allows for us to cleanse our hair and rid it of the excess oils without dealing with the troubling aspect of drying.

Dry shampoo still needs to be rinsed with water.

FALSE. It doesn’t work to its benefit if you still wash your hair with water after using. Enjoy the true efficiency of DRY SHAMPOOING.

Dry shampoo can be used on all hair types.

IT’S TRUE. No matter your hair type: fine or course, straight, curly, or wavy, dry shampoo works! It will actually help to preserve your hairstyle while also removing excess oils. So, you get to flaunt that ‘do a little longer. Not to mention that it adds extra volume.

Dry shampoo will dry out your hair. 

DEFINITELY FALSE. The advantage of dry shampoo is that is does everything that normal washing does, just without the extra hassle of water. It may actually condition your hair more. Water has the ability to erode the cuticles and cause more breakage and tangling if washed too often.

Take a step and give your hair the wonder of dry shampoo. Explore a variety of brands to find which best suits your tresses. Not only will it give you more of an incentive to ensure cleaner hair, but it will save time and some effort than dealing with the typical watery shampoo bowls.

-Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter