In spite of their ubiquity and the seemingly endless selection of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and price points, it’s truly rare that one finds anything that feels unique when it comes to eye wear. Fads come and go of course, with different shapes or details suddenly seeming to pop up in some variation or other, but if you’re searching for something that doesn’t blend in, you’re going to have to do quite a bit of searching. That’s precisely where WOOED comes in. A San Francisco-based brand that specializes in creating frames from a variety of different woods including Zebrawood, Wenge, Indian Rosewood and Cocobolo that have been reclaimed or sustainably harvested, WOOED’s uniqueness becomes apparent even before seeing their sunglasses. Describing their eye wear as being “designed by nature” WOOED’s novel approach to design is reflected in each and every frame they craft. Cleverly combining the natural rawness of the wood with the classically cool and utterly timeless feel of iconic eye wear shapes, the brains behind the brand have managed to take something that could potentially be gimmicky and given it credibility as a statement making fashion accessory. Just one look at the distinct striated pattern in the reclaimed Zebrawood or the rich red undertones of the Cocobolo and it becomes apparent that fashion is just as much a priority as function is where these shades are concerned. Paying just as much attention to function as they do fashion, each pair of sunglasses is features lightweight, comfortable construction, a smooth finish and polarized lenses. A perfect combination of style, substance and sustainability in one easy to wear package? That’s what WOOED by Wood is all about.

– Justin Friedman

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