Alexandra and Genevieve Smart mix flavor and fashion IQ to achieve their ethical brand Ginger & Smart. We know ginger as a powerful spice that does the body good. And we’d all like to imagine ourselves as smart dressers. So the equation of a spicy, smart fashion multiplied tenfold equals stunning results in the capable hands of this sister duo.

The Aussie based pair have unveiled some lovely looks featuring skirts online and women’s pants for this season’s go-getters. Women’s pants are slim cut but adhere to the female form like a hand to a glove. Take for instance the Resolution Pant: this slim pant comes in ivory and navy, with a soft sheen to make it glow on the right pair of legs. A slightly masculine cut with a gentle touch of lycra. One never feels too masculine in this fetching androgynous look. This is the same look we saw rock the catwalk and the pages of Vogue for Ginger & Smart’s runway show.

Following the ready to wear comfort and versatility, they set into motion with this pant, the sisters rendered a genius sort of leather pants in their Future Crafter Pant, with a mid rise tailoring and choices in black or navy. It’s high cut is perfect for boots or heels. The Smart sisters flex their muscles herculean bravado and render a pant that is modern and stylish. It too has a masculine cut but with a bit of stretch for both edginess and comfort. In fact, it possesses enough stretch to both hug and finesse, those lovely feminine curves men love. What’s more, the pant is versatile enough to be paired with a stunning work blouse or something more rugged for that night out on the town.

I would be dishonest if I didn’t say I had some preconceptions about a lookbook that features heavily in pants and skirts. But to my surprise, this lookbook is full of brilliant revelations. For instance, who knew skirts could be so much fun? The Kinetic Leather Skirt is fabulous blend of leather with Italian lace that edges out the bottom of the skirt. It caresses the body as only such material should. And it comes in black. A wonderful choice to pull focus to the female silhouette. No distractions here.

But for something multicolored, the Quartz Print Skirt is quite the gem. With its gold zip, silk satin material, and body hugging touchiness, the skirt is a great addition to the work or play wardrobe. There are so many colors at play in this print that one asks, “What can’t I wear this with?”

The Ginger & Smart new pant and skirt collection are certainly lovely fashion forward pieces for this season of work hard and play hard.

— Akil Wingate
@AkilWingate on Twitter and Pheed