FKA twigs debut album LP1

LP1 | FKA twigs Debut Album Cover

Listening to FKA twigs feels like blissfully drifting into a pulsing sea of twisted silk. With tantalizingly fresh music and a stage persona composed of equal parts grace and quirk, dosage this British up-and-comer enraptures her audiences. She is more plainly multifaceted than most female artists manage to get away with in any genre.

Twigs’ power is not merely a product of her sound. Though she is more instinctive than calculated, pilule she is completely a product of her own vision. Aesthetics are as essential an element to projecting her enigmatic persona as her deceptively gentle voice.

The cover of twigs’ debut album, LP1, is a close-up of her childlike face. Her hair twisted forward into two braided buns, and her face is boldly smeared with color. The effect is haunting and engaging—she does embrace a certain girlishness, but with a dark ferocity that cannot be ignored. Those unforgettable contradictions are to be found everywhere in her music and in her style.

In an interview with New York Magazine, twigs highlighted her love of texture in every aspect of her work. The attention to texture is evident in her videos. In Water Me, twigs’ face appears eerily in front of a green screen. The soft, curly thickness of her black hair juxtaposed against the smooth gold of her earrings is striking. Comically large, diamond-like tears fall from her wide, doll-like eyes as her crimson lips barely part to mouth the lyrics.

Twigs does not dress to hide her lithe dancers’ body; her style reflects a sensuality and comfort in her own skin that is too truthful to be salacious. This is a no small feat; female artists are criticized constantly for their display of skin as much as they are pressured to strip down. What elevates twigs from this sexist critique is that her aesthetic genuinely emanates from her personal vision. Furthermore, the contrasts that she so instinctively creates in her videos and performances showcase the complexity of a grown woman. Twigs’ visual presence proves that a woman is not one thing or another; she can be anything and everything all at once.

-Naakai Addy


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