Many metropolitan based men are conflicted by the decision to man-bag or not to man-bag.

It’s such a necessary tool for men on the go. These guys are spending their days walking or biking from appointment to appointment, meeting to meeting, and party to party; in need of some way to carry all their daily essentials. So, comes the next dilemma. Do you sacrifice style or function? Some bags are perfect for utility. There may be tons of useful compartments, and super easy to carry – Unfortunately it’s a total eyesore. On the flip side, you find a bag that is virtually perfect. It’s simple and chic. But you open it up and see that there’s no usable space. Or, you try to carry it and it’s completely uncomfortable and just gets in the way. So what do you do?

SSCY has stepped into the accessory scene to resolve this problem. Their solution is the stylish array of bags designed for the busy city slicker. Based in Brooklyn, SSCY began designing in 2011 and has since produced three unique styles of bags: The Bandolier, the Tack and most recently the Tack Sling.

The Bandolier is SSCY’s perfect bag for a short day ride, when a hip bag may be too small, but a messenger or backpack is too much. It’s pretty safe to say that this bag is a necessity for any urban bicycler. The Tack, super stylish and completely genius, is a tote bag that can convert to a backpack – for bike rides or any time that you may need to distribute weight evenly, like when attaching your skateboard (yeah, with this bag you can do that). Even more genius is the Tack Sling, which is a narrow version of the Tack with two compartments and a compressible open sling in the middle.

SSCY is great median for men fussing over the sacrifice of a practical bag for a stylish bag, or vice versa. So you can finally lean into the future, become a modern man and choose to man-bag – with your dignity and sanity still intact.

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-Dalton Primeaux
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