The Man Blanket, or the “Manket,” was seen on the streets of New York, and then the runways of London Fashion Week, and now is making its way to our closets. Stemmed from both 1970’s and wild western inspiration, this oversized men’s pashmina has become the most talked about accessory of the season. Whether you are pro or anti-man blankets and ponchos this winter, it’s hard not to acknowledge its presence in the fashion world. It’s certainly a statement piece, and only taken on by the serious fashion fanatics. But, it’s everywhere this winter. That’s always a sign that a trend has taken off. The most popular mankets this season are most certainly Burberry Prorsum’s capes. They are some of the most photographed mankets, followed by Louis Vuitton’s oversized scarves from the same season. Looking back, Chanel also joined in with a men’s poncho of a similar style during the pre-fall season. Saint Laurent also presented their take on the trend during the Spring/Summer 2015 shows. Whether it’s a full-length poncho, wrapped and draped to perfection, or an oversized pashmina or blanket scarf, the manket trend has already been spotted on the most stylish men from Europe to the US. If these pieces speak to your style, take advantage of the number of brands producing them at the moment and invest in a manket because this is most likely an ephemeral fashion trend.

-Dalton Primeaux
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