SUBJECT: Viral Fashion contact form submission
[1_’Name’] => Norm Boudreau
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[3_’Website’] => 123456
[4_’Message’] => Did you know that you can buy likes and followers from real and active users for any social pages? Details here:

It’s no secret that digital technology has impacted the world around us. Even creative industries, like fashion, have been affected in obvious ways. Fashion fanatics are now reaching for their phone or computer for inspiration. Instagram has become a huge source for outfit ideas and fashion role models. And, with the rise of interest in fashion blogs and outfit posts on Instagram, the digital space is becoming more and more saturated with new faces striving to be the next big fashion icon.

A lot of the usual suspects in the social media/blogging game are getting boring. It’s all the same sponsored campaigns across the board. It’s starting to feel like if you’ve seen one menswear post you’ve seen them all, am I right? And, it can be a struggle finding fresh new influencers in the social media world that are worth a “follow.” Luckily, we have prepared five Instagram accounts you should follow for your daily dose of menswear inspiration, but have probably looked over before.

From up and coming bloggers or youtube personalities, to already well-established editors and stylists, this is the perfect follow spree for menswear enthusiasts that are looking for something new and inspiring.

Dalton Primeaux