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Valentine’s Day is coming up, look
and although the marketing around the holiday produces a bizarre annual mania for pretty much everyone, sickness
it needn’t be a sad day for singles. Dress to the nines and prepare to flirt, imbibe, or revel in your own company at one of these glamorous city spots.


230 Fifth | Not feeling the joys of singledom? Picture yourself decked out in your most fabulous get-up, leaning seductively against the clear glass of one the city’s hottest rooftop lounges, and you might feel a whole better. 230 Fifth has one of the greatest views of New York, so at the very least you can celebrate your love affair with the city on a gorgeous heated rooftop. Come on your own to this exclusive club and mingle with the city’s most stylish singles, or bring friends and indulge in bottle service. 230 Fifth has a first-come-first-served policy, so show up early to avoid being shut out. It’s the largest outdoor rooftop lounge in the city and has a fully enclosed penthouse, making it the perfect place to show off your outfit without the hinderance of a heavy coat.


Le Bain | There are two reasons to go to Le Bain: to let loose with a group of friends or to get loose with a sexy stranger. Perhaps it’s the throbbing pulse of music from state-of-the-art sound systems, or maybe it’s the giant pool in the middle of the space. Either way, something about this place will make you want to let go of your inhibitions. This is particularly true if you come prepared to splurge on the venue’s high-priced cocktails. The pool is covered during the winter, so if you go on Valentine’s Day you can expect it to be transformed into a giant dance floor full of young, beautiful, unbelievably trendy bodies.

sweet and vicious 1

Sweet & Vicious | When you’re looking for stylish prospects in a setting that isn’t trying too hard, head to Sweet & Vicious in Nolita. Don’t be fooled by the relaxed vibe; you’re as likely to run into your next star-studded fling here as at any of the more formal settings in the city. This is where many of the city’s elite come to actually enjoy themselves, not just to sustain the illusion of doing so. It’s a small space, and the abundance of neon and deliberate graffiti may initially be perplexing. These quirks ultimately add, however, to its pervasive warmth and character. Come to Sweet & Vicious to have a genuinely good time on Valentine’s Day. You may start off wallowing in one of the intimate corners of the space, but you’ll eventually find yourself immune to the allure of the music and positive energy.

dina rata

Dina Rata | There’s no shame in foregoing the “single and proud” attitude and using the forced romance of Valentine’s Day to your advantage. If finding a mate is the top priority on your mind and you have a thing for mates with money, your night will be well-spent at Dina Rata. This Financial District bar and lounge is a veritable breeding ground for the Wall Street set. Located inside the Andaz Wall Street Hotel, Dina Rata is the replacement for the popular Bar Seven Five, long frequented by men with more cash than they knew what to do with. Bring a friend and enjoy the sumptuous American fare at the restaurant, or see and be seen at the luxurious bar.

-Naakai Addy