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RUSSIA – OCTOBER 25: A model walks the runway at the GOGA NIKABADZE on Day 4 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia S/S 2015 on October 25, 2014 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images for MBFW Russia)
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we try to recreate greats of the past. From makeup styles, noun
hairdos, color trends, and new brands bouncing off the walls of each decade, we can’t help but pay homage to trendsetting Hollywood beauties, who paved the way to — infamous stylizing from the Red Carpet — to our own homes.


1950s | All Classic, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe encompassed everything feminine, from her touch to her breathy voice, and even her cherry red lips. Monroe’s platinum blonde coifs were definitely infamous for her look and still live on in their originality. To achieve the same soft, playful curls, blow out hair and curl with at least a one-inch curling iron. Spray lightly with Drybar’s Money Maker Flexible Hold Spray. Your curls will stay soft and brushable without flaking for easy reapplication.

brigitte bardot

1960s | The Sex Kitten, Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was the ultimate sex kitten of the 60s. Bouffant, tussled hair and boudoir eyes, the French actress defined the entire era with a glamorous glow. Her smoky eyes carried on in modern trends, which have come to always designate a sexy look. Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes shadow palette will do the trick. Nine shades to highlight and smoke, and of course, do not forget the heavy liner and mascara to complete the look!

pam grier

1970s | Independent Woman, Pam Grier

Pam Grier was the beginning of a new style of women: independent and an all-out badass. She answered to no one, and her defiant style included complete sex appeal. She defined herself, and we loved her autonomy. On one end, Grier had the cat eye down perfectly. Of course she also had the natural eye shape that we all envy. Kat Von D’s Ink Liner will give you the same effortless dramatic look that Pam Grier used to intimidate any man in each of her roles. One quick swipe, and you’re there.

Brooke Shields

1980s | The Untouchable, Brooke Shields

A model and actress, Brooke Shields has always been untouchable, a mystery, an enigma to all which made us love her for decades. Since then, she’s been more inviting and a household name.  Every man loved her with such a fresh face. A part of Shields’ beauty is due to her gorgeous cheekbones, always highlighted with a blusher. Showing off her cheekbones, her blusher was always complemented with a lip stain to match. Cheek Stain by Tarte provides a natural flush that can even be used to tint lips.

Jennifer Aniston

1990s | Girl-Next-Door, Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston will always be the girl-next-door with such beautiful skin and absolutely flawless hair. She is simply a beauty god, who has worked each year of her career to reinvent herself. There are so many areas to touch on, but her hair is truly iconic. Celebrating with pin-straight or wavy golden locks has become her trademark. Using Aniston’s own Living Proof Blowout Styling and Finishing Spray guarantees a salon-worthy blow-out look. Whether your tresses are long or short, the look is locked in for an entire day with no stress of sweating out.

-Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter