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Katy Perry has landed a new Moschino campaign. The singer posted the new Moschino AD with an Instagram post of her first portrait, Sildenafil
with caption “THE FACE OF MOSCHINO”. Katy Perry is rocking the same short dark wig she wore at the Met Gala last month, this site
when she arrived at the red carpet with Moschino’s Creative Director, neuropathologist
Jeremy Scott. The AD features Katy Perry in a gold quilted bra top and matching chains, over a tight black skirt and topped off with a denim-and-hold jacket. Katy Perry and her “Kris Jenner” wig are definitely going high fashion.

-Nargas Karimi
For those of us who don’t want to ruin a well-planned outfit on a kayak or a damp lawn, abortion
here’s how to enjoy a New York summer to the fullest, without sacrificing your comfort or your clothing. From chic outdoor cafes to glorious air-conditioned indoor retreats, here are five ways to do a NYC summer in style.

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1. Central Park Chic | Central park boat rides, although very touristy, they are a wonderful romantic idea. That said, it’s quite a hassle to wait in a long line and sit in a rickety boat, only to bake in the sun for the duration of the ride. Instead, take a luxurious seat at the Loeb Restaurant just beside the boathouse. You’ll get the exact same view without any splashing water. As a bonus, the restaurant is an elegant option for a date or brunch, with some of the best people watching in the city.


2. Spill the Tea | Summer is a great time to break old habits and explore entirely new ones. Everyone knows that New Yorkers love coffee, but tea is still woefully underrated. Give your daily soy chai a day off and treat yourself and a friend to afternoon tea, at one of New York’s classiest settings. There are actually a number of places that offer traditional British high tea, but if you’re looking for refined luxury you’ll want to go to The Pierre. Forget every diet you’re on and give into the freshly baked scones, delicious jams and creams and, of course, exquisite tea.


3. Yacht Club | New York yacht cruises offer the perfect opportunity to see breathtaking views of the city, or to get away from it for a little while. If you want something several cuts above the Staten Island ferry, choose from one of NYC’s many yacht events. Wind down after work at a happy hour cruise or splurge on a full-day luxury trip along the water, complete with gourmet food and cocktails. For the full range of offerings, check out

nitehawk 4. Sit Back and Relax | As much as we all complain during the winter, there is a point in New York summers when it simply becomes too hot to function. Movies are a great way to unwind in quality air conditioning, but don’t waste your time at any old theater. Both the AMC Loews 84th Street 6 and the City Cinema 1, 2, 3 offer seriously comfortable, reclinable seating. If you want to take the viewing experience up a notch, go to Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinema, which is full of gourmet snacks that complement each film.

5. Pool Party | Unlike lucky Californians, New Yorkers don’t have many opportunities to swim unless we go out of town, risk questionable river water or brave even more questionable public pools. Fortunately, several hotels have taken it upon themselves to bring poolside lifestyle to the city. Bring your best bikini and prepare to mingle at gorgeous luxury set-ups like the Gansevoort Park Hotel’s heated rooftop pool. The view of the Empire State Building there is unbelievable, and it’s the perfect setting for a sexy night swim.

-Naakai Addy