This time of the year can be so confusing. The days become longer, summer slowly arrived, but the spring showers haven’t quite stopped rolling in. It’s important to stay dry without over-layering, and spending your daily commute drenched in sweat. Jungwon Outerwear is known for being the one jacket you need in New York City. While these jackets are amazing for windy autumn days, they are also very perfect for combatting the rain in those awkward transitional times during the year, because these minimalist garments offer a high quality finish that it waterproof, windproof, wrinkle free and breathable. Which is a necessity because New York weather is so unpredictable.

Not only is Jungwon outerwear useful, it’s incredibly stylish as well. Jungwon designer, June Sohn, created a line that is contemporary yet timeless, offering a chic twist on classic outerwear. Although trends change every season, you can rely on your Jungwon outerwear for many years.

Inspired by living and working in New York City, Sohn set out to design stylish, functional, light, and resilient raincoats, trenches and capes in neutral, vibrant and pastel hues. Sohn had noticed the NYC weather growing less and less predictable, and her commute had become a struggle. Many of the high performance outerwear she sought after in specialty stores were only designed with the great outdoors in mind, rather than everyday use in the city. Working as a designer in the city, Sohn needed a jacket that not only was suitable for the rain and wind, but also looked great. After searching for a jacket she could wear regardless of the destination, her patience ran out.

Sohn stopped looking and began designing her own. After working with several brands as an outerwear designer, Sohn knew she had the knowledge and skills it would take to create the jacket she had in mind. After designing a jacket for herself, Sohn began receiving orders from others and this gave June the encouragement she needed to start Jungwon.

Recently donned by popular menswear bloggers like Style Society Guy, and celebrities like Sam Smith, Jungwon jackets are continuing to turn heads on the Internet and on the streets. The jackets are strong, resilient and fashionable. Jungwon is a compliment to any fashionable commuter, or coat-lover’s wardrobe.

– Dalton Primeaux