Fur stoles, stole the show! The sophisticated, plush accessory was seen on just about every Fall 2015 runway and after last year’s brutal winter in the East Coast, it’s a trend that’s not only fabulous but much appreciated. At both Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim, the luxe accessory was shown in a plethora of neutral hues but that’s where the similarities ended. Going the more traditional route, Marc Jacobs presented his two-toned fur stoles in such a way that exuded elegance and class. Pairing the stoles with skirts of varying lengths, chic black boots, and equally glamorous accessories such as a fur embellished clutch, Marc Jacobs definitely set the bar high. At 3.1 Phillip Lim, there was a distinct trend throughout the collection – strapping. Just about every piece, including the luxe stoles, featured the embellishment. The dangling straps, which were meant to evoke a sense of movement as well as reiterate the idea that the clothes were unbound, served their purpose in addition to adding a modern twist to the classic accessory. Straying completely from the norm, Thakoon and Ohne Titel presented a totally different side of fur. At Thakoon, fur stoles came in the form of shearling sashes, which were continued from the designer’s Pre-Fall collection. Adding both texture and warmth, the lavish pieces completed the collection. Definitely making a splash, Ohne Titel’s designers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill, presented a collection that was a bit retro and even more colorful. From turquoise to bright pink, the fur at Ohne Titel was like no other.

A quick update for a boring coat, simple suit, or plain dress, this trend is glamorous! This is one statement piece you won’t regret investing in; not only is it timeless but instantly adds femininity to any outfit. Want a bit more of a modern look? Simply shrug the stole over your shoulder.

– Daniella DiRienzo

Fall is a great time for beauty reinvention. As our wardrobe gets darker and edgier, our lip collection can only become more pungent and color-rich with intensity. Here, we present to you our top lip loves for the fall. You’re definitely in for a fun ride.

1. Yves Saint Laurent | The Beaute Lipstick is sexy and seductive in an infamous stretch-leather look that adheres and adjusts to each unique lip shape. The effect leaves the lips looking smooth in a radiant matte fashion. It’s great for finding the individuality of anyone’s curl of the lip.

2. Lipstick Queen | The Silver Screen collection punches with such passionate pigments, but more importantly, they’re set to keep your lips hydrated as the months inch to cooler weather. Made with pomegranate sterols, the texture smoothes over your lips for a soft touch to last the entire day.

3. Charlotte Tilbury | Fall is great for deep, bold colors for transitioning, while the rest of your wardrobe gets darker. The ‘Matte Revolution’ Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick features a variety of pure, vivid shades suitable for your lips with a bit of a warming texture. Designed to give the appearance of fuller lips, the collection is a master at fulfilling the effect of the pout.

4. Christian Louboutin | This gorgeous new line brings theatrical drama just in time for the cool of the autumn months. Ranging from Silky Satin, Sheer Voile to Velvet Matte textures, each wearer is able to create their own, individual and truly unique style. Natural oils and butters moisturize for perfection, and a slight scent carries the regal value of the Louboutin brand. Each color idolizes styles from the label and provides a black ribbon that turns the lipstick into a necklace.

5. Givenchy | For anyone who wants a more natural look for the fall, the mysterious marker of Rouge Interdit Lipstick, Noir Revelateur enhances the organic tint of the lips. Though the stain looks dark, it reacts with the skin’s pH level to deliver a wholesome hue that only the wearer provides.

-Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter