Every year, malady premier food trucks and street carts come together for the ultimate New York cook-off. The winners take away honorable titles, remedy the finalists gain further exposure, buy cialis and the proceeds benefit street vendors citywide. In honor of this year’s recently celebrated Vendy Awards, here are 5 food trucks that even the most discerning foodies absolutely can’t miss.

Wafels & Dinges

Wafels & Dinges | An oldie but goodie, Wafels & Dinges has been delighting customers with its delicious waffles and creamy spreads for years. The food truck’s claim to fame is authentic Belgian waffles, a welcome alternative to the fraudulent waffles found in the frozen food section, which can only ever be burnt to a crisp or completely soggy. Wafels & Dinges’ sweet and savory options are fresh, perfectly crispy, and always satisfying. It’s no wonder the Belgian truck took home the Vendy’s Dessert award in 2009.



Calexico | Mexican cuisine is finally getting its due recognition in New York, but a lot of places can still be hit-or-miss. Calexico, last year’s Vendy’s Mastercup Winner, celebrates the flavors of the border with consistent style and aplomb. Calexico’s tacos, burritos, quesadillas and dips are made with fresh ingredients and rich flavor pairings. Skip Chipotle for once and stop by this successful truck for a more memorable (and healthier) version of Mexican food.



Souvlaki GR | The Souvlaki GR truck has been spotted around town by most New Yorkers, and it remains a local favorite for many reasons. If you haven’t tried souvlaki before, there’s nothing not to like about it. Grilled meat, warm carbs, and hearty sauces compose the perfect lunch, mid-afternoon snack, or stress-eating tool. There are a lot of noteworthy brick-and-mortar Greek restaurants in the city, but Souvlaki GR is undoubtedly mobile Greek cuisine at its best. If you lunch break Souvlaki isn’t enough for you, stop by the permanent location on Stanton street.


Neapolitan Express

Neapolitan Express | The first thing most people notice about Neapolitan Express is the irresistible scent of fresh pizza wafting from the truck, but there’s a lot more to this brand than meets the eye. Started by T. Boone Pickets and Mike Bloomberg, this mobile pizza operation is fully eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable. Get your pizza fix in a flash at the truck, with everything from classic Margherita to Truffle and Artichoke pizzas on the menu. Neapolitan Express is a definite step-up from the corner pizzeria flavor-wise, and it just happens to be pretty good for the planet as well.



Kaya NYC | Situated outside of WeWork in Soho most days, Kaya attracts a major crowd at lunchtime. The pan-Asian food truck never gets old, partly due to the portability of its dishes. Their baos, delicious filled buns, come in a number of mouthwatering flavors. Who doesn’t love handheld pork belly with a side of popcorn chicken? The lines are long every day, but well-worth it, as evidenced by the truck’s Rookie of the Year award at this year’s Vendy Awards.


– Naakai Addy