Tom Ford ‘Lips & Boys’ 50-Piece Lip Color Collection, for sale $1, physiotherapist 950. Available at

We promise with this, you’ll never have to buy another lipstick again. Seriously. Well, at least for a while. Tom Ford has presented a limited edition of their Lips & Boys Lip Color Collection, but this time, you’re getting so much more than the normal 10-piece set. You probably won’t even know what to do with it all. This 50-stick lip collection (yes, full lipsticks rather than pods or mini glosses) has everything that you ever hoped and dreamed in color and luminosity. From nudes to oranges, pinks to reds, browns and even those deep burgundy-purples, this set does not miss out on one shade in charismatic creation. You will have a color for every festive holiday party, to ring in the New Year, and even all of those tricky, edgy outfits that you have no idea what will coordinate. Tom Ford really does it with this gem. Each color is named after a man Tom Ford found inspiring. Get imaginative and mix and match. But do not wait on this beauty blowout. It is a limited edition collection and will be sure to vanish before the ball the drops. Besides, with such an array of colors, you will have a lipstick to wear for each boy you kiss at midnight…or not.

-Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter